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O-girl Short Subjects

A Very Tight X-mas Part 1 and 2!

O-girl finds Lady Felina is in the holiday spirit, but quickly finds that her idea of yuletide fun is to see if O-girl can untangle her deadly X-mas lights that tangle and tighten the more O-girl moves...

As O-girl slowly strangles at the hands of the slowly shrinking X-mas lights, Lady Felina takes her time changing outfits. She does finally return however and saves O-girl in the nick of time. But it is only a temporary relief - because O-girl soon finds herself chained in the center of a large train set.

As it turns out, Lady Felina has hooked up a vibrator and O-girl's own sexual response powers the train. Unfortunately, at the end of the line is a large stack of dynamite... making this a very explosvie conclusion to this holiday story!

Included with this story: 2 video clips:
Part A: 16 minutes, Part B: 12 minutes, each presented in 1280 x720 HD!

The Adventures of O-girl
Stiff Reception - Parts A and B

In Part A: Thinking she has gotten rid of O-girl with her fiendish bondage streamers, Lady Felina returns to her lair - but O-girl is right on her tail - But Lady Felina is ready and unleashes her paralyzing gas... then she straps O-girl to the slab in her playroom for some serious orgasmic fun...

In Part B: Strapped tightly to the table in Lady Felina's playroom, O-girl can do nothing but watch helplessly as unleashes a devlishly warm goo, that begins to slowly pour over her struggling form.

Lady Felina explains that it is Liqui-Stiff, a fiendish new invention. As it cools, it will set in into clear plastic shell, trapping O-girl inside it's inescapable clear plastic shell.

Can O-girl possibly escape becoming a living doll?!

Included with this story: Two 11 Minute Video Clips!

Shiver Me, Mister Part A and B

O-girl traces Lady Felina to her stately lair, only to be shoved into a glass box that only opens inward!

Then Lady Felina releases a gas called "Shiver Mist" that as it slowly rises, excites the nerve cells on O-girl's skin, exciting her into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy

O-girl awakes to find a helpless (and quite horny) sex salve!
Included with this story: A 6 minute video clip and a 18 minute video clip!