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The Adventures of O-girl - The Return of the Black Minx
The epic O-girl Adventure - told in 20 perilous chapters - it's got it all.
Starring Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Mary Jane, Sasha Monet, Karina, Darling and Jewel Evans!

The Adventures of O-girl - Obsession

The epic O-girl Adventure - told in 31 action-filled chapters
Starring Christina Carter, Kendra James, Diana Knight, Emily Addison, Darling, Randy Moore, Mary Jane Anastasia Pierce and Kobe Lee


Devious heiress Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) visits her lawyer (Rifferus) and discovers that her late father has left half of her estate to O-girl, Nylonika and a host of Apparel Obsessia Models. Promising revenge, she seeks out the help of the evil Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) at her College for Girls. Entering the college at night, she is captured by Lady Lovelace's coeds Nina (Anastasia Pierce), Holly (Randy Moore), Chelsea (Mary Jane) and headgirl Lauren (Dee Williams) and is brought before Lady Lovelace.

Chastity explains her dilemma to Lady Lovelace who agrees to help her for a large cut of the inheirentice. Lady Lovelace wastes no time and begins devising traps to take care of O-girl and the Obsessia girls. First she tries out her diabolical sheer-tex stockings on Holly which slowly shrink. Satisfied that they work, she then has Holly visit her at an abandoned studio, where she has setup a fiendish trap. First she lets Holly have a nice orgasm and then she tells her to walk into the set. Unfortunately for Holly, it is another trap. An inescapable pit of deadly quicksand. Lady Lovelace lets her sink almost all the way under and then saves her.

Meanwhile, O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James) are relaxing in their Capital City apt. They are in the middle of having a little fun when the O-phone rings. It's the commissioner. He explains that One Apparel Obessia model has gone missing and another has been found strangled with stockings. O-girl and Nylonika make their change and they are on the case!

Across town, Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging in her chic apt. when she gets a special delivery package. Inside is a spectacular outfit from Apparel Obsessia headquarters. She can't wait and immediately puts on the outfit, and the included accessories - a pair of ankle, elbow and wrist cuffs. As soon as she puts it all on, she realizes that something is wrong. The corset is shrinking. She tries to pull it off, but the cuff magnetize and lock her ams behind her back. She is helpess! Luckily Nylonika arrives in just the nick of time to save her. Emily tells Nylonika of a letter she received for an Apparel Obsessia foot fetish shoot. Nylonika decides to go in her place.

Nylonika arrives to find the photographer and Apparel Obsessia model Veronica Hayworth (Kobe Lee) waiting for her. The photographer gives the girls outfits to wear which they dutifully put on. They they start the photo shoot. Nylonika looks up to see that the photographer has stopped taking pictures. She realizes something is very wrong as soon as the photographer takes off her disguise to reveal the infamous Lady Lovelace. Before she can react, she and Veronica begin to convulse. It turns out the their stockings were dipped in deadly spama-oil. Lady Lovelace Veronica to die and takes Nylonika next door.

With the help of an antidote, Nylonika awakens to find her self dressed in a full body catsuit and tied with tight white ropes. Lady Lovelace explains that she has dressed Nylonika in a fiendish Sensi-suit which will overload her nerve endings. The ropes are only there so she can't get out of the suit (and because Lady Lovelace likes to watch her struggle). She pulls out a vibrator and brings Nylonika to orgams just to make sure the stimulation is kickstarted. She then leaves her to die. O-girl arrives just in the nick of time to save Nylonika.

Relishing in her victory, Lady Lovelace is back at the college lounging when she gets a call from Chastity. Nylonika is alive! She has been over at Apparel Obsessia snooping around. Lady Lovelace get over her shock and tells Chastity to make sure Nylonika finds the clue that will lead her to Studio A. O-girl in the meantime has traced the stockings that killed the Apparel Obsessia girl to a warehouse only a few blocks from Studio A in East Gotham. She enters and is trapped in strangle mesh by Lauren. Laruen calls Lady Lovelace and is told to tie her in some sheer-tex stockings and then come over and help her with Nylonika who will be arriving shortly.

Nylonika arrives at Studio A and follows some jungle drum sounds to the tiki set. Lauren and Lady Lovelace pop out and are just about the spring their trap when O-girl bursts on to the scene! She has escaped the deadly stockings. Lady Lovelace and Lauren are shocked and then bemused as O-girl walks confidently over and stands next to Nylonika in the middle of the set. They spring their trap. O-girl and Nylonika begin sinking! It's Lady Lovelace's diabolical struggle sand. An inescapable quicksand that has already claimed the life of the missing AO girl!

The arch criminals leave O-girl and Nylonika to slowly drown and make their way to Kelly Munroe's apt. O-girl and Nylonika escape the quicksand in the nick of time, shower and then rush to Kelly's.

Lady Lovelace surprises Kelly in her apt. and finds that she has tried to hide her identity by dying her hair. Although Lady Lovelace doesn't approve, it doesn't really matter. Blonde or brunette, Kelly is dead either way. She is about to kill Kelly when Holly recommends that they take her back to the college where Lady Lovelace can try out some of her horrible torture machines. Lady Lovelace thinks that is a great idea and soon, Kelly is strapped up tightly for transport.

O-girl and Nylonika arrive to save the day, but are capture by Lauren and Nina. Lady Lovelace has Holly and Nina whisk their captive away and Lauren and Lady Lovelace take care of O-girl and Nylonika.

Back at the manor, Kelly, helpless in the hands Holly, is made to come over and over and over.

Lady Lovelace and Lauren tie O-girl and Nylonika in tangle knots. A hideous bondage technique that causes the ropes to slowly tighten whenever they move. Lady Lovelace has inserted vibrators into their vaginas to make sure they can't stay still.

Now back at the manor, Lady Lovelace goes down to the dungeons where Holly has Kelly dressed for the occasion. Lady Lovelace decides that Kelly has has enough orgasms and tells Holly to strap her to the Deny-Her table. A horrible device that keeps the captive at the edge of orgasm without ever letting her have one.

O-girl and Nylonika escape the fiendish bondage by putting their bodies together and then coming in unison. Back at the Manor, Chastity arrives and screams at Lady Lovelace that she isn't doing her job. O-girl and Nylonika had just called her. Lady Lovelace isn't pleased with her tone, but she quickly decides that everyting is okay and invites Chastity to watch her favorite program: Kelly in the dungeon. She instructs Holly to turn off the computer which causes Kelly to then come over and over.

After a good long time on the Deny-Her table, Holly decides that she wants to play with Kelly so she puts her in a singleglove and does just that.

The next day, O-girl and Nylonika are interupted by a telephone call from Lady Lovelace explaining that Kelly is going to be skewered if they don't come over and save her. She gives them an address and hangs up. O-girl knows it is a trap but has no choice but to go anyway. She manages to save Kelly, but Holly springs a trap on Nylonika. Deadly tangle wire. O-girl frees Kelly and then goes to save Nylonika. Unfortunately for her, there is plenty of Tangle Wire for her too. Kelly escapes, but O-girl and Nylonika are captured.

Lady Lovelace takes O-girl and Nylonika to another location where Lauren has setup a special device. It's a vat of Shiver Sand. O-girl and Nylonika are tied up and put inside. Once activated the sand begins to vibrate, sending erotic shockwaves through our helpless heroines. Lady Lovelace explains that the vat will get stronger and stronger until eventually O-girl and Nylonika will die from nervous system overload!

O-girl and Nylonika escape the vat, and make their way over to Apparel Obsessia. Chastity play dumb and then captures them by blowing cripple-rific powder into their faces. Completely spasming and crippled, O-girl and Nylonika are helpless as Chastity put them into singlegloves to await the arrive of Lady Lovelace... will they escape???