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Sara Liz - Optical Illusion

Someone who was trying to lay shade on Sara would say she was "short waisted". In other words she has almost no space between her ribs and her hips... but that lack of "length" is made up in everything below the waist. Her legs are crazy-long. So long that when you take a picture of her laying down with her legs straight, that the picture looks "stretched" - or photoshopped. I can tell you this is an optical illusion. These pics have not been altered. She really does have legs that are that long - and when you have her wear a pair of truly opera-length stockings, it just emphasizes that fact. For a leg guy like me, I'm not sure you can get much better...

These pics are just sexier than hell... but when Sara comes by, the results are generally too sexy for the room, so that probably goes without saying. Enjoy - just don't try to adjust your monitor. What you see really is... what is real... :)

Included with this update: a very leggy 17 minute video clip!
• Fully Fashioned Stockings • Leg Fetish • Pantyhose • High Heeled Sandals •  Stocking Feet • Masturbation • Vibrator• • Orgasm •

Danielle Trixie - Dream of the Blue Turle... Tie.

Blondes in blue. It is just something that works - and put a pair of fully fashioned stockings on her and you have my attention. Danielle certainly knows how to make people notice her... but when she is lounging in fetishwear or completely helpless in a turtle tie. I call it a turtle tie because it is one of those bondages that you can't do anything in. I guess it is a good thing that Danielle likes to be tied in ball ties (yes, this is a very, very, very unusual trait. I think the only girls I know that likes this position so much), because she is competely helpless. Just the way we like her... that's right, struggle a little harder, Danielle.

Included with this update, a very sexy and helpless 15 minute video clip!
• Fully Fashioned Stiockings • Turtle Tie • Black Rope • Struggling • Tickling • Cleave Gag • Teddy •

Emily Addison - Inviting Eyes

Everyone here knows that Emily Addison is not just an average model. She has been a favorite of everyone here (including me) for years and years. In fact, she first came to work with me back in July of 2007. That's ten years of awesome content. She is generally pretty awesome, but there are some days when she is just feeling it. Our shoot this week can be filed into that category. Jewel did a great job with her hair and makeup and I think Emily just really liked the whole vibe - the set, the outfit and how she looked in it.

This is just one of those fab sets of Emily that you have come to expect. Tight ropes, sexy struggling, two different types of gags, and a nice orgasm to finish it all off. Super sexy. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did shooting it...

Included with this update - a complete cheesecake set and bondage set.

Included with this update - a very sexy 13 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose • Rope Bondage • Tickling • Blindfold • Cleave Gag • Vibrator • Orgasm •

Kendra James - Pole Position

Marrying a super tight latex outfit and the inability to move - with a pair of shoes that are killer in more way than one makes for a very fun time for the viewer and a very trying time for Kendra. Add to that a tied on vibrator in the accompanying video and you have a seriously crazy scene.

Pole ties are always an interesting situation. It is one of the more difficult positions - and when Kendra's entire body is tied to the pole, she can't move much at all - but in some ways it makes the moves she is able to make even more sexy...

A drooling good time for sure...

Completely helpless, Kendra Struggle sand comes in a very sexy 18 minute video clip!
• Sweet Gwendoline • Corset • Pantyhose • Pole Tie • Latex • Ball Gag • High Heels • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Emily Addison and Jean Bardot - Homage to Sweet Gwendoline

This one is for the Sweet Gwendoline fans out there - Another homage to the classic Willie character, embodied so wonderfully by Emily Addison. Jean Bardot has moved her character from secret agentU-89 that she played in two earlier encounters, to a much more evil Mysterious Countess persona. Certainly much darker and a lot more sexual. This isn't based on any strip in particular. Just trying to capture the essense of it all. Emily gets laced into a tight, red singleglove and then subjected to painful nipple clamps while simultaneously being pleasured by a vibrator. So hot.

Follow along with all the action in a very sexy 12 minute video clip!
• Sweet Gwendoline • Corset • Stockings • Leather Singleglove • Collar • Ball Gag • Nipple Clamps • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Randy Moore - On the Slab

Yet another super sexy set of knockout Danielle Trixie - We started with a pole tie, but it wasn't going to work. Pole ties in general are very tough. Some people can deal with them - a lot cannot. Basically, this is a situation that happens from time to time. Certain girls can do certain things, and other things they find impossible. Pole ties with Danielle? Not something that works with her. The important thing is not to try to force a situation that isn't going to work, and come up with something else. Of all the things I recommend to new bondage producers is: never consider what you are doing set in stone. You will need to adapt.

So we did. I untied Danielle, gave her some time to recover and then went with another option... and what an option. A difficult poie tie was replaced by an equally difficult, elbows together, mid-room, knee point bondage. This is one of those ties that is really hard to deal with - if she loses her balance (which is really easy to do), she falls forward and the rope holding her to the ceiling makes all the bondage get tighter. Just a gorgeous predicament that Danielle suffers so beautifully. OOOFA.

VIDEO: Paris Kennedy - Open for Business

Paris Kennedy finds herself in a completely helpless position in a sexy 5 Minute Video
Pantyhose • Straitjacket • Vibrator • Orgasms • Stocking Feet •
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

Arielle Lane - Split Performance

This is the intersection of a very kinky girl and her past as a ballet dancer? Well, I think it looks something like this. This was the last of a very productive and sexy afternoon of bondage. I shot this at a friends house, and it was the hardest of the scenes we shot that day. That says quite a bit when you look at what we shot (the earlier headharness hogtie that we had done certainly comes to mind). Arielle did her very best - but positions like this are as you can imagine very challenging. I think you'll find this very interesting indeed...

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Christina Carter - Vamp Vibe

Well, if you interested in running an experiment, to see just how helpless Christina can become, this would fit the bill. Restrained in a super sexy black PVC singleglove and tight black rope, Christina does her best to get free. She struggles quite valiantly. The form fitting latex vamp corset and seamed black nylons makes sure that you can't take your eyes off her while she does so. All is fine and good until the vibrator is turned on and she comes a few times. Then her sensual struggles turn into desperation as she figures out that she can't get away from the vibrator. Many orgasms later, Christina is released, a spent, sweaty mess. At the end of the video, as the corset is being unlaced, she explains: "It was fucking crazy" and that she couldn't figure out if she "loved it or hated it". It was "Wonderful, but almost traumatizing. Wonderfully traumatizing." I don't think I could put it better myself.

Included with this update - An awesome 24 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose • Latex • Corset • 6" Stiletto Heels • Pantyhose • Singleglove • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Emily Addison - So Sexy

I've had the emmense pleasure of shooting with Emily many, many times... and one thing is consistently true. She has an incredibly rare ability to really engage the camera. I can't really describe how she is able to do it, she just does. Here is no exception, dressed in a purple openbreast corselette and really shere nude stockings - she lets everyone into her private world. So freaking sexy... I just can't stand it.

Included with this update: A super sexy 10 minute video clip!
• stockings • Lingerie • Masturbation • Vibrator• • Orgasms •

Randy Moore - On the Slab

Randy is back and helpless as ever - more so really. Strapped oh so tightly to the slab, she struggles, but it is useless.The two vibrators that she has brought along with her have been put to good use. One tied inside of her, the other tied against her clit. Unable to move, Randy has no choice but to give in to the wicked sensations... her cries muffled by a large red ball held in place by a solid patent leather panel. Such sweet distress - an orgasmic delight.

Included with this update - An incredibly sexy 26 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose • Latex • Straps • Nipple Clamps • Stockings • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Karlie Montana - Who Knew?

This update was truly off the cuff. I wasn't expecting to do a Batgirl cosplay bondage set. I just sort of happened. It's a funny thing that I would decide to put Karlie into a Batgirl costume on the day that she went from a red head to a blonde, but that is a whole other issue. There is something else I learned when shooting this. Karlie is an elbows girl. But that I mean, she is actually more comfortable with her elbows together than she is in a box tie. Who knew? I certainly didn't. I've been shooting Karlie for quite a while now. Anyway... I hope you enjoy the sight of this gorgeous girl with her elbows strapped quite tightly together... very sexy indeed.

Included with this update a fabulous 14 minute video clip!
• Batgirl • Cosplay • Straps •Catsuit • Bondage • Struggling • Orgasms •

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Sara Liz - Crimson and Crazy

Blondes do look great in red. And Sara Liz looks good in everything. Especially when crazy-tight ropes are involved. Long legs encased in slippery, sheer nylons, a slightly stretchy straitjacket and rope that pulls it all together (and the crotchtope material into her pussy!) makes for another great update. Sara is really a great struggler and she doesn't disappoint here... just yummy as hell.

Included with this update - A struggle fulled, and helpless 18 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose • Straitjacket • Rope Bondage • High Heels • Stocking feet • Tickling • Struggling •

Chanta Rose - Maid for a Day

Poor Chanta had to dust our mantel and vacuum with 6 inch heels on. I don't think she was very happy about that but it just seemed so fitting with the outfit :)

After Jim inspected her work he wasn't very happy, poor Chanta. Jim gave her a little demonstration on 'how to dust' and then proceeded to give her a little spanking for her wrong doing. I think it was about then that he noticed the drool everywhere too. He was not happy. (He's just so hard to please sometimes *G*)

After spanking Chanta Jim decided he needed a drink. Thanks to our good friend Ledermeister, Chanta got suited up in our new maid's tray. She should be able to do this well right? Off to the kitchen she was sent and returned with a Margarita for Jim.

Jim was fairly pleased with her serving skills until he noticed drool in his glass. Otoh... Chanta's in trouble again. Her poor fanny has to endure the crop this time.

Since Jim was so unimpressed with her cleaning and serving skills, he decided it might just be best to put her up on a pedestal and watch her struggle. This was surely going to please him.

Well I think it certainly did. Poor Chanta was left chained to the chair, helplessly drooling all over herself. Jim was very happy about all this and sat back to relax after such a hard day.

Emily Addison - Emily Brought her Own Boots

A lot of you out there were pretty bummed when Emily Addison was successfully courted by a big porno company and signed to an exclusive one year contract with them - as were everyone in the fetish biz who love her so much. Luckily for me (and for you), I was aware this was going to happen and was able to shoot a bunch of stuff of her before that happened. Besides some as of yet release scenes for the O-girl Obsession series, I also have a bunch of solo bondage stuf of her as well. So, you may not even feel the hurt that we have all suffered from her absense. Not only is she an awesome model, but she is also a good friend and it's sad that we can't get together for business stuff as well as personal.

Oh well. I don't know what the future will bring, -whether she'll be back after this long year or not, but I do know that the stuff I have stocked up of her is pretty killer diller. This set came about because she brought in a pair of pink ballet boots that she got that happened to match the pink leather corset combo I had made for her for the Obsession series. I guess she decided that she wanted to shoot more of that corset now that she had her natural hair. Who am I to say no to that? Exactly. I hope you like the results.. :)

Included with this update - A sexy 17 minute video clip!
• Corset • Pantyhose • Ballet Boots • Leather Gloves • Bondage • Struggling • Orgasms •

Cherie DeVille - Sheer Restraint

This was a bit of a change. I can't honestly say how this was suggested or came about - but it did... we decided, wouldn't it be cool to do a pantyhose bondage thing. I had done the pantyhose as singleglove before (a couple of times I believe), but I had never done the lower half concept. As it turns out, it was quite surprising successful. The great thing about Eterno nylons is that they are really hard to run; you can cut the legs off of them and make stockings (I've done it more than once).

Anyway... this just sort of happened and it was really quite cool. The gag, again came as an improvisation. I had a ball hanging around and made a chinstrap ball gag out of another bit of nylon. Amazing what you can do with some pairs of pantyhose... Cherie struggled her way wonderfully though it all. She thought it was an awesome concept. It was stretchy, but completely effective... I hope you all enjoy the results!

Included with this update: A very sexy 15 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose• • Straps • Hogtie • Vibrator• • Orgasms •

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Kobe Lee - Pink Lady

Kobe is bound in a shiny pink girdle, silky stockings and matching stiletto heels. She struggles for us on the couch, riding her crotch rope. Her shoes are removed exposing her tender wrinkled soles. She spreads and wiggles her nylon encased toes. She's bent over the couch exposing the crotch rope buried deep into her pussy. It's the perfect position for a little ass smacking too! Lay her on the floor letting her stretch out those gorgeous legs of hers.

Included with this update - a very struggle-icious 12 minute video clip!
• Vintage Girdle • Sheer Stockings •Black Rope • Stiletto Heels • Struggling •

Christina Carter - Full House

Christina has more than a few aces up her sleeve. Dressed like this, you can bet that her hand is going to be unbeatable regardless of what she is holding. Bluffing won't work. You won't be able to take your eyes off her. A really sexy set of picture featuring Christina playing with a set of my quite awesome bondagecafe playing cards (available to purchase from my store here!)... sorry had to go with the shameless plug there. Hey! They're great cards!

Enjoy folks...

Included with this update: A wonderfully sexy 9 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose• • Latex • Masturbation • Vibrator• • Orgasms •

Emily Marilyn - All Choked Up

Just because these pics are too good to not put out in their best condition, I have gone back and re-edtied these. Now they can be displayed the way they were intended. Gorgeous pics of Emily Marilyn in one of my favorite ties I ever did of her. A true "Cat's Cradle" sort of bondage. Super f-ing sexy. That is all I have to say. Yumm...

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Dee Williams - A Study in Blue

By special request! The always fabulous Dee Williams in an incredibly sexy bondage set. Dressed in a black catsuit that looks like liquid glass on her body, Dee struggles first in tight blue straps and then in a matching blue singleglove. Finally she is rewarded for her struggles in the form of multiple orgasm that leave her completely spent. Super sexy set! 1800 x 1200 pics + 2 Video Clips!

Included with this update - two very sexy video clips!
• Black Cat Suit • Blue Leather Singleglove • Straps • Muzzle Gag • Hood • High Heels • Stocking Feet • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Sara Liz - Tight Pink Tight

I like to do unconventional ties sometimes. Other times, I like to keep to the classics. This is one of those times. Sara's Elbows tightly cinched together, straight wrists, crotchrope, knees and ankles (with a little shoe bondage thrown in for good measure). The thing about this tie that makes it a little different is the rope. This lovely pink rope is made out of cotton. Most of the rope I use is nylon. The difference? Well, this rope is softer and quite a bit stretchier. You might think that stretchy means it is easier to get out of. That would actually be correct if it weren't so tight.

In this case, these ropes really are tight. Very tight. Poor Sara can't do anything. Well, anthing but struggle. She does that quite well... and drool. That big leather gag in her mouth makes sure the faucet is open... She is quite helpless. The wrist ropes are tied directly to her crotchrope, so she can't pull her hands away from her butt more than an inch or so - and that only pulls the knot in her crotch rope tighter against her clit (devious).

One more thing about the rope. Because it is so stretchy, when it is knotted, it stays knotted. A simple knot is actually really hard to untie (and that is mean the one not tied up speaking).

This is a set for those bondage purists out there. The ones that like to see their girls struggling and helpless. Enjoy!

Included with this update - a very tight and torturously ticklish 9 minute video clip!
• Leather Dress • Leather Gloves • Pantyhose • High Heels • Hogtie • Tickling • Stocking Feet •

Claire Sinclair - Sleek and Tight

Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair, dolled up in latex and tied up very tightly. I do like the sound of that. A gorgeous girl that you really won't find in bondage anywhere else. Just sexy as hell.... good God.

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Laurie Wallace - Take Off those Shoes get Uncomfortable

Another awesome set from the past that I just had to update. These are new edits of pics I originally shot back in 2002 of Laurie Wallace. I didn't work with Laurie that many times, but the stuff I did shoot of her was always fantastic. This set is one of my favorites. I love the tie (it was very tight and athough it make no look it, rather uncomfortably so), and I also love Laurie's expressions and body movements. Pics like this really are forever, and now you can see them the way they were meant to be seen... sexy stuff.

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Jenni Lee

Pole ties are one of the classic bondage ties, and when it's Jenni Lee tied helplessly with very tight ropes, well, it is just sexy as hell. Teetering on six-inch heels, laced into a unforgiving corset and teetering on six-inch heels, she struggles, but can't possibly escape. The nipple clamps and crotchrope make it even more unbearable. So hot... !

Ashley Lane - Leather Up Baby

Ashley is always a pleasure to tie up. In this case, strap in. A lovely bolero straitjacket and straps make it all so sexy. Ashley does her best to get free, but even she knows it is impossible. The question is... what is the best way to make her really try? Well, tie a vibrator to her of course. Ashley is actually not one of those girls that will just sit there and come over and over and over... she really gets over stimulated and one the orgasms start it is more of an ordeal for her... which then in turn makes another orgasm inevitable. A vicious circle that is just so, so entertaining to witness. Struggle baby. Struggle harder. Yes, just like that...

Included with this update - a wonderfully helpless 22 minute video clip!
• Bolero Straitjacket • Bondage • Pantyhose • Nipple Clamps • Straps • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Dita Von Teese - Bettie Dita

Another awesome set from the past that I just had to update. These are new edits of images that I took many years ago of the gorgeous Dita Von Teese. A sort of Bettie Paige homage. Even though she was a superstar, Dita was one of the girls that really always put in 100 percent. She told me early on that pictures are forever... and she is right. These certainly are... gorgous, helpless pics. YOWSA!

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Christina Carter - Oh, What a Girl!

Whenever Christina comes around, it is a special occassion, but when she puts on the O-girl outfit and puts her hands behind her back to accept the tight ropes that follow... it just gets too sexy. I'm not sure what it is. It could be that this costume has become to signify something, or maybe she just gets into a different mood when she is wearing it. I don't know. I do know that it is always special. Tight black ropes, struggling and orgasms follow... just super sexy... I hope you enjoy!

Included with this update a sexy 21 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose• • Ogirl • Corset • Bondage • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Candle - Red Dress Talkin'

There is no denying that Miss Candle is one ridiculously hot girl. But when she starts talking to the camera about what she is wearing and how you should be jerking off to her... well, you can say it just goes to ELEVEN.

She just wants to play a game - Her game. Candle tells you what she likes. She tells you what you like. She picked out her wardrobe with both of you in mind. She wants you to watch her as she strips down making sure to grab your cock and stroke it. Mmmm she’s such a tease! Her voice is mesmerizing! Remember, the rules of the game state you can’t cum until she does. I have a feeling she is going to be very good at this game. Let’s hope you’re as good as she is at playing. She strokes her satiny legs, the sound making her even more excited. She can’t help but touch herself. The way she talks to you… the way you stroke it…. remember Candle has to cum first! Can you make it through the countdown?

Follow along with all the action in a crazy hot 15 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose• • Stripping • Jerk Off Instruction • High Heeled Sandals •Masturbation • Orgasms •

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Kobe Lee - Fetish in the Afternoon

For the fans of Kobe, I have a serious treat. We are all lovers of her bondage work, but I also love it when she gets dolled up without ropes. Yes, Kobe is a bondage girl. There is no doubt about it. She has confessed that when she does cheesecake vibrator scenes that she gets off faster if she is fantasizing about being tied up and helpsless, that pretty much explains all you need to know about this girls. I'm sure it helps that she is dressed in such a fetishy outfit. Tight leather corset, leather gloves, sheer black pantyhose, stockings and seriously high heels certainly put her in the mood... and I'm sure after you see these, you'll be in the mood to see more of her... tied or otherwise... Enjoy these... They really are gorgeous!

Included with this update: Kobe's hotness has no end in a very sexy 11 video clip!
• Pantyhose• • Corset • Stockings • Gloves •Masturbation• •Vibrator• •Orgasms • Outside •

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Strappado - Wow

Another very fantastic set of leggy Sara Liz in a classic Sweet Gwendoline position. The always challenging strappado. This was actually a form of torture in the middle ages, although they would life people off their feet in this position. Something that I actually only know that Eve Ellis can do (has done). Regardless, this is never easy, and Sara is forced up as high as she can go. There really isn't any relief in sight... I guess it is a good thing that Sara enjoys a challenge. Sexy as hell.

Included with this update -A crazy tight and challenging 8 video clip!
• Stockings • Strappado • Elbows Together • High Heels • Tiptoe • Bondage •

Karina - Two Levels of Sexy

A spectacular set of cafe favorite Karina - stripping out of an incredibly sexy black catsuit and ballet heels to reveal an even sexier black bodystocking underneath. Karina had a knack for finding just the right angle. I think it probably has to do with her ballet training... regardless - she is just one of the sexiest gals I've ever worked with...

Fans of Karina will be very happy to hear that these are re-edited 1800 x 1200 pics... !

Sara Liz - So Sweet Cheesecake!

I know you like her tied up and helpless, but c'mon! You have to love these pics of her without ropes... Good Lord! A full cheesecake set of pics awaits!

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Karlie Montana

Anyone that has been here before, will know that I have a serious sweet spot for all things related to John Willie's awesome comic bondage heroine Sweet Gwendoline. As it turns out, so does the fabulous Miss Mosh - so it really isn't that much of a surprise that we put this lovely set together with Kendra James.

Kendra really does make the most fabulous Zena.... sexy singleglove, crazy high heels, fully fashioned stockings and a lot of serious OOOFA!

Included with this update: Karlie wows in a erotic 17 minute video clip!
• Pantyhose• •Latex• •Masturbation• •Vibrator• •Orgasms•

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Emily Marilyn and Kendra James - Leg Lovers

We invited Kendra and Emily over to shoot together for this new site. We weren't really sure what we were going to shoot but we knew we wanted these two to get hot and bothered. Kendra wanted to wear her newest Agent Provacateur addition and since it looked so great on her we agreed. We wanted Emily to wear leather. This corset hugged all her curves in just the right ways. To emphasis just how long and sexy her legs are we put her in back seamed pantyhose.

We couldn't forget the shoes now could we. You see both girls LOVE shoes. Emily has a particularly large and extensive collection of her own heels. She's been into feet and shoes as long as we've known her! Now that everyone is dressed - let's have some fun. The lights are lit and the mood is set. All we have to do is sit back and watch. Watch these two gorgeous girls explore each other. Silky smooth legs, soft tender lips, juicy red pussies. I think everyone involved enjoyed themselves during this shoot so I hope you all enjoy it too!

Included with this update - a very sexy 14 minute video clip!

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VIDEO: Arielle Lane - Slow Simmer

Arielle Lane struggles, squrims and helplessly comes in another super sexy 13 minute video
Pantyhose • Latex • Gloves • Vibrator • Stockings • Tickling • Blindfold • Panel Gag • Orgasms
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

Christina Carter - O-Baby!

O-girl loves getting presents. What girl doesn't! This gift gives her some naughty ideas. Wouldn't this new corset match her O-girl costume perfectly? Just picture that hourglass waist under those enormous breasts! Every super heroine should be so lucky. She slowly brings her fantasy to a reality as she slips into her costume. The tighter the corset gets the wetter she gets. She can't help but touch herself as her chest heaves out of her outfit. It's a good thing she's left her vibrator near by!

Christina Carter sizzles in this awesome erotic O-girl set. Just sexy as hell.

Included with this update - a very sexy 16 minute video clip!
Pantyhose • Ogirl • Stripping • Dressing • Corset • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasms

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VIDEO: Candle - Hot and Wet

Candle struggles and squirms as she is pelted with water in a very sexy 19 Minute Video
Pantyhose • Corset • Water • Vibrator • Orgasms • Predicament
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

VIDEO: Cherie DeVille - Submission's Edge - Part 1

Part 1 of Submission's Edge - Cherie ties herself up only to find no one to untie her... a very sexy 31 Minute Video
Pantyhose • Corset • Gloves • Vibrator • Self Bondage • Predicament
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

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Emily Marilyn and Kendra James - Leg Lovers

We invited Kendra and Emily over to shoot together for this new site. We weren't really sure what we were going to shoot but we knew we wanted these two to get hot and bothered. Kendra wanted to wear her newest Agent Provacateur addition and since it looked so great on her we agreed. We wanted Emily to wear leather. This corset hugged all her curves in just the right ways. To emphasis just how long and sexy her legs are we put her in back seamed pantyhose.

We couldn't forget the shoes now could we. You see both girls LOVE shoes. Emily has a particularly large and extensive collection of her own heels. She's been into feet and shoes as long as we've known her! Now that everyone is dressed - let's have some fun. The lights are lit and the mood is set. All we have to do is sit back and watch. Watch these two gorgeous girls explore each other. Silky smooth legs, soft tender lips, juicy red pussies. I think everyone involved enjoyed themselves during this shoot so I hope you all enjoy it too!

Follow along with all the action in a very hot 24 minute video clip!

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Mosh - Playsuit Paradise Unbound

A beautiful set of Mosh unbound. Cheesecake is certainly a passion of mine - and the good new is that you can eat up as much of this as you want and you won't have to worry about calories... although with this girl, heart trouble could still be quite an issue... enjoy!

Randy Moore - Mysterious Rendevous

You have placed your cameras perfectly. You can see everything as Randy Moore arrives at your estate. She makes her way down to a room in the cellar where she finds a couch with your present on it. The note on the top of the present reads, "Take off your clothes and open the box." She looks around wondering where you are, if you’re watching. She takes her clothes off. She knows you’re watching her. She can feel your eyes on her. She opens the box and pulls out another note. It reads, "Put me on... slowly." Again, Randy follows your instructions, putting on a sexy vintage bra, hip hugging girdle, long sheer stockings and sexy stiletto heels.

Once she is done, she hears the phone you left her ringing under the couch. She reaches down, pulls the phone out of a box and reads the text message. "Play with yourself". Randy obeys without hesitation. She pulls out a vibrator and touches herself. After she is done bringing herself to orgasm, the phone goes off and the message tells her to look under the rug. She wonders what you have in store for her as she moves towards the rug. She finds a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. With a smile she puts them on and begins to struggle. She remembers you like it when she does that. We all get to watch her squirm around while she waits for you...

Included with this update: a very sexy 32 minute video clip!

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VIDEO: Emily Addison - Just Too Hot

Karlie Minute struggles her way through a sexy 9 minute video
Latex • Pantyhose • Tickling • Struggling

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VIDEO: Emily Addison - Just Too Hot

Emily Addison in a seriously sexy 10 Minute Video
Latex • Pantyhose • Vibrator • Orgasms • Masturbation
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

Emily Addison - Just Too Hot

Anyone that has been here for any period of time knows that Emily is one of the sexiest girls ever to come by the cafe. This particular day though, Emily was just in a serious mood. Not a bad mood - just a really naughty mood... and you can see it in the pictures and in the video... one of those sets that sticks in the memory... A dream in latex and nylon... OOOFA.

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VIDEO: Sara Liz - Bird on a Very Thin Wire

Christina Carter as O-girl vs. a very determined vibrator. The vibrator won of course... over and over - 23 Minute Video
Bondage • O-girl • Vibrator • Chair Tie • Pantyhose • Boots
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Kendra James and Kobe Lee - Best Feet Forward

When these two lovely ladies get together, get all dolled up and then go at each other, all you really have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Kobe is wonderfully submissive and the two of them had a blast. The black latex skating dress fits Kendra to the hilt and Kobe is a vision in purple... yummy girl / girl action that never seems to get old... OOOFA!

Included with this update -A very sexy 13 minute video clip!

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VIDEO: Sara Liz - Bird on a Very Thin Wire

Sara Liz finds herself in a very tricky predicament. Follow along with all the sexy action in a 16 minute video
Bondage • Predicament • Crotch Line • Straitjacket • Stockings • Tip Toe
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Jean Bardot and Randy Moore - Bubble Wrap

A very sexy set of Jean and Randy. Jewel thought that a cool bubble sofa would work. It certainly gave this set a very odd juxtaposition... Somehow, I don't really think you're going to be looking at th couch. I have a feeling that the two girls sitting on it will take all of your attention. And that should be the situation. Randy, dressed in a transparent latex costume and Jean in an equally fetching latex skirt, top and nylons. Randy certainly enjoyed it all. Jean made sure she got to indulge in all her favorite things... yowsa!

VIDEO: Arielle Lane - So Tight

Enjoy all the sights and sounds of Arielle Lane struggle, squirming and coming as she finds the bondage
just gets tighter and tighter in a 18 minute video
Bondage • Hogtie • Tickling • Vibrator • Orgasms

Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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VIDEO: Chrissy Marie - Stringent Reception

Lovely Chrissy Marie makes her bondagecafe debut in style is a seriously tight hogtie... 9 minute video
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

VIDEO: Randy Moore - UltraVixen - Needles and Pins

Follow along with all the perilous superheroine action as UltraVixen is captured and strapped
to a board facing a spiked wall that slowly advances towards her in a sexy 18 minute video
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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VIDEO: Christina Carter & Paige Richards - Split Personalities

Christina and Paige have lot of fun with two vibrator tied to each other... a yummy 12 minute video
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Emily Addison - Slab Cheesesteak

A lovely cheesecake set of Emily that I took prior to her getting strapped to the ol' slab. Emily always just loves to do this sort of cheeky modeling. Normally with fully fashioned stockings like these, you would need a garter belt because they absolutely won't stay up on their own, but I didn't use one here because they were going to be held up by the straps on the table. Love the shots of her from behind. Just delicious...

Candle - Sparkler

As anyone that has been coming here for any sort of period of time will know, Jewel has some serious makeup skills - but even saying that, I'm not sure she has ever done such an awesome job than she did with Candle on this day. It's just so glossy and yummy. And it really does match the crazy sexy outfit she is wearing. She looks so good, she is positively smokin'.

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Dita Von Teese - Fetish Angel gets her Wings

A lovely set of Dita Von Teese I shot a ways back... I'm not sure anyone can look as good in a bodystocking and tight waist cincher. I guess that is why she is the fetish goddess that she is. I do love my job... really I do.

VIDEO: Karlie Montana - Seam Stress

Seriously tight, inescapable and quite sexy - Karlie struggles and comes her way through a fab 16 minute video
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Cherie DeVille - Pool Shark

Leggy Cherie DeVille has returned for a quick game of pool. She doesn’t ever seem to lose. Not because she is good at pool. On the contrary, she is terrible at all forms of billiards... but she is good at distraction. She always seems to dress in something really short. Something that gives her opponents a good long look of her shapely gams as she bend over the table. Today is no different. Dressed in a very tight fuchsia leather mini skirt and coat, with a sheer shirt and very soft, shiny pantyhose that glimmer in the soft light of the living room, she is a thing to behold. The game is quickly abandoned and she climbs up on the pool table and begins to play with herself. First the pool cue is used, and then the balls… all rubbed wondrously against her aching clit. After this, she finishes herself off with a vibrator… super sexy stuff. Now was were we here to play? I can’t seem to remember.

VIDEO: Cherie DeVille - Pool Shark

Cherie starts out with one game, and then decides that a bit of masturbation would be even more fun.
Follow along with all the leggy action in a 11
minute video
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

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Jezebelle Bond - Impromptu Pleasure

This scene just sort of happened. I was shooting a bondage set of Jezebelle and setting up the camera, and she just decided that she hadn't come quite enough. Jezebelle isn't shy. Not by a long shot. So the next thing I know, she has picked up the vibrator and proceeds to masturbation for about 15 minutes. I got the camera and captured it for posterity. :)


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Kendra James - Kinky Boots

Kendra certainly does love boots, especially the really kinky, stiletto heeled variety - and when they are black patent leather and have studs and zippers all the way up the back, well, she can’t resist those. They look particularly good with the very tight (and incredibly short) latex corset skating dress and nylons. Kendra finishes the outfit with a sheer black nylon top and long, tight latex gloves. Me thinks that she has come to play. What do you think.  Kendra shows off her outfit quite lovingly, giving everyone a good long look at her long nylon clad legs and boot before she masturbates. First with her hand and then later with a hitachi magic wand, bringing herself to quite a few body shaking orgasms… yummy indeed.

Video Clip: Randy Moore

Another super fab clip of Randy Moore - Tight corset, nylons, elbows welded together and orgasms... what a combo
A very yummy 19 minute video clip

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Danielle Trixie - Purple Vision

Danielle Trixie in purple lingerie and stockings... just such a naturally beautiful girl. She doesn't push it out there, she is just sexy as hell. No need to be anything other than who she is... a small town, southern girl lounging. Waiting for her boyfriend to get home from work. i think he is going to be very happily surprised...

Video Clip: Kendra James

A super sexy and helpless Kendra James helplessly struggles and comes in a fab 20 minute video!

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VIDEO: Kendra James - Kinky Boots

Kendra shows off her new very sexy 6" heeled patent leather boots and then gets even more intimate
in a hot 16 minute video
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

Aracoeli Nin - Standup Gal

A cheesecake set of the lovely Aracoeli Nin - a black bodystocking, tight corset and long leather gloves. I think this girl has come to play! The only question is... who wants to play with her? Okay, I can't call of all of you at the same time...

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Jewell Marceau - Pantyhose Dream

Jewell Mareceau certainly knows how to tease. She is kinda built for it - and when she gets all dolled up in latex, well, she just does seem to love to show off her nylon clad legs and vintage heels. She knows you're watching her too. She isn't shy when it comes to talking to you about how she feels or how turned on she is. She also is quite forthright about asking you to join her as she touches herself and then fully masturbates. The only real question is - can you save your orgasm until she comes?

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VIDEO: Jewell Marceau - Pantyhose Leg Tease

Jewell Marceau invites you to join her in a sexy 18 minute video
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

Emily Addison and Randy Moore - First Blush

A lovely set of Emily and Randy - It was a milestone or sorts. Their first time working with another girl (imagine that). Both dressed to the nines - it didn't take long for them to heat things up... sexy stuff indeed.

Sara Liz - Into the Pink-ish

The gorgeous and very long limbed Sara Liz returns for some seriously sexy leg fetish and masturbation. A vision in latex and nylon, Sara slithers to and fro, finally giving in to the temptation of orgasm. Just yummy pics of a really cool girl. Fabulous hair and makeup by Jewel Evans...

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VIDEO: Sara Liz - Lounging

Sara Liz lays back and pleasures herself in a awesome, leggy 15 minute video
Presented in 1280 x 720 HD

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Kendra James - Slicker

A lovely set of Kendra James in Latex. I think these two things just go together. She wears it so much that you would think that was all that she had in here wardrobe. That woudn't be a bad guess.... :)

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Samantha Grace - Stiletto

Stiletto: It's has a couple of definitions. Of course the one we are interested in here is used when talking about shoes. In particular a type of heel. I think these mighty awesome, vintage 7" pumps qualify. So high that I've only seen a couple people be able to stand in them in any sort of useful way. Just crazy high. And so sexy. They make Samantha's legs look great and she knows it. Dressed in a tight black latex dress with black nylons, she does love to tease... and tease she does. But again... in a good way :)

Included with this update - A sexy, leggy 14 minute video clip!

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Arielle Lane - Polka Dot Perfection

What could be tastier than the lovely Arielle Lane in a polka dot top, green bandage mini and vintage heels? Well, the addition of a lovely pair of stockings - sent in by a long time fan (thanks Alain!). Leggy yumminess from the tips of her toes to more intimate regions. How naughty of her to not wear any panties! Miss Lane is a girl that really does have a foot fetish (no joke) and seems to get turned on when she gets to wear nice soft stockings like these... who can blame her? She has been looking at her gorgeous gams all her life... Enjoy the view!

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The Perils of Batgirl - Helping Hands

Catwoman (Diana Knight) basks in the glory of her latest theft: A collection of Pierre Chaton original vintage fetish shoes and awaits the arrival of Batgirl to her lair. Batgirl soon arrives, quickly dispatching Catwoman only to have the dependable henchman Manx (Anders) grab her from behind.

Manx lifts the kicking and squirming Batgirl up and then throws her spinning against a black rubbery slab in the corner of the room. As soon as Batgirl comes in contact with the surface, six black rubber hands fly out and grab her ankles, wrists, neck and crotch, holding her fast against the slab.

Catwoman explains to the struggling Batgirl that this is her wall of "helping hands". She then tears off the bottom of Batgirl's costume to reveal her pantyhosed legs underneath. Then with the help of the knowing crotch hand, Catwoman brings Batgirl to helpless orgasm.

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An intimate interview with Darling

Jim finds out about this very kinky bondage girl in a sexy 22 minute interview

An intimate interview with Angela Sommers

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 34 minute interview

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An intimate interview with Randy Moore

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 17 minute interview

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 6 - Oram Exam

Now it is Randy Moore's turn to squirm. Angela Sommers ties her up and then attaches a nice big pink strap on that she orders Randy to service as she torments her with a vibrator attached to a speed controller. If Randy performs well, she gets a reward. Although after she comes a few times and gets really sensitive, the idea of turning that vibrator to full power isn't such a reward anymore... Sexy stuff.

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Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 7 - Full Circle

In the final episode of the Curious Obsession 2 story, Angela Sommers straps Randy Moore to her self bondage table, but takes the remote, ensuring that Randy enjoys... errr... endures the powerful vibrator for a good, good, good... long time. How long? Well, I bet that Randy is wondering that right now too...

The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Chapter 1

Angela Sommers stars as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in a brand new photo story, "The Perils of Batgirl, a fetish porn parody". Barbara comes home to find out that the Gotham Herald has just named Batgirl the "Sexiest woman in Gotham City". Catwoman (played by the very sexy Candle) isn't pleased with the news. She informs Commissioner Gordon that Batgirl won't live long enough to enjoy her award and offers him a riddle.

Commissioner Gordon calls Batgirl on the Batphone and gives her the news. Barbara figures out the riddle and makes her startling change into Batgirl!

Batgirl follows the clues to the Mesmerian Culteral Exchange Center where a collection of Cat's Heart Opals are being displayed. Unfortunately, she finds that she is too late. The opals are gone. Worse still, Catwoman and even more importantly her goons are lying in wait for her and before she can react, she is grabbed and then tied in Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers. A nasty invention that slowly contract when placed in contact with the heat of the human body. Can Batgirl possibly escape?!

Note: You can purchase the 25 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Part 2

As we last left Batgirl (played by the fetching Angela Sommers), she was struggling to survive Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers which slowly tighten when exposed to heat. Batgirl manages to save herself by tripping the fire alarm, which releases freezing fog.

Back at her lair, Catwoman (Played by Candle) is relishing her victory, only it is short lived. Batgirl arrives, this time not expected. Catwoman sics her goons (Anders and Wolf Hudson) on her, but Batgirl is able to thrash them during the ensuing fight. She walks over the unconscious henchmen to take Catwoman to jail.

Catwoman however has other plans and scratches Batgirl with her paralyzing dust. Disabling her.

Batgirl awakens to find herself at the wrong end of a long conveyor belt with a nasty (and quite sharp) saw blade at the other end. Catwoman flicks the switch and walks away. Leaving Batgirl to be slowly pulled towards the spinning blade. Will she be cut in two?!!

Note: You can purchase the 17 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


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Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of Curious Obsession 2 - Angela Sommer awakens to find Randy gone. She slips downstairs and finds a note explaing that Randy has been called away to work, but to make herself at home. Angela does so, checking in the closet for an outfit to wear, she finds instead a closet full of fetish wear. She decides if Randy is going to be at work that she should have a little fun. She puts on the outfit only to be lured into Randy's playroom by a phone call. Randy has laid a trap and Angela finds out too late. Unable to resist the lure of Randy's self bondage table, she lays down and straps herself in - and then becomes trapped when the wrists and ankles tighten down.

Then after the vibrator automatically locks in place, she is in for an even more crazy ride. Eventually Randy does return, but only to gag the helpless Angela and turn the vibrator up to full power. It seems that Angela is going to ride the bondage table for quite awhile longer.

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 2

The sexy Curious Obsession 2 story continues - Randy Moore decides to invite her friend Angela Sommers over to introduce her to her Kinky world of bondage. Randy seduces Angela by first giving her a gnetle foot rub. Things really start getting hot as Randy starts to suck and lick Angela's soft stocking feet. She then blindfolds her, ties her hands and then brings her to orgasm... After Angela comes down from her orgasmic high, Randy invites her to stay the weekend. Angela can hardly refuse...

Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 2 - Cat's Cradle

Randy continues her duel role as O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena. Having traps her in a net, Sirena ties O-girl in a special bondage called a Cat's Cradle - a nasty torturous bondage that tightens the more O-girl struggles. Sirena borrows her costume, turns on a powerful vibrator and then leaves the real O-girl to perish... can O-girl survive possibly survive?

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 2

Having put Nylonika under her hypnotic spell, Chastity takes the opportunity to play with her mindless prey, first by watching her struggle in imaginary ropes and then by having her worship her sexy feet. Then she tells Nylonika that she is burning up with sexual desire. Nyloniika masterbates and then finally grabs a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm over and over. O-girl arrives to break up the fun, but soon finds that Nylonika is not herself. Chastity orders Nylonika to attack O-girl, which she does with glee. After a catfight, Chastity tosses her some rope and Nylonika ties O-girl up. With Nylonika completely entranced and O-girl helpless, what diabolical fate awaits our two super sexy heroines?

Nylonika awakens to find herself tied to O-girl with vibrators tied tightly between both of their legs.. very sexy orgasmic action!

Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 1

With the magic of movie making, Randy Moore plays both O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena in a fabulous new adventure. In Chapter one, Serena captures O-girl in a tangle net that traps and then slowly tightens around her body...

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 1

Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) has been kidnapped by Lady Lovelance. Tied tightly in a purple straitjacket and black rope, she struggle in vain to free herself. Luckly for her, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives to save her in the nick of time. Unfortunately for Nylonika, it is all a ruse, and after she contacts O-girl to explain the situation, she finds Chastity across the room. Before she can react, Chastity throws a switch, powering up the spinning hypnotizing wheel. Nylonika is stunned into a trance. What evil plans does Chastity have planned for her?

The Adventures of O-girl - Struggle Sand

Lady Felina lures O-girl to a studio and into a tiki inspired quicksand trap - actually it's filled with "Struggle Sand", Lady Felina's fiendish synthetic quicksand, which O-girl soon finds completely inescapable... can she survive?

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Razor Sharp Bait

Amazing eh? Two different O-girl things in one week? It is crazy time? Well, I guess so. This one is more traditionally O-girl. Lady Felina, always played so fetchingly by Diana Knight (damned, we missed her character) is back and just as deliciously evil as ever. Nylonika (Kendra James) traces Lady Felina to her hideout, but *GASP!* it's a trap. Lady Felina gets the upper hand by throwing Shriv-tex at her. Nylonika is captured and then tied down under a razor sharp pendulum in order to lure O-girl to the site... Oh horror! Will O-girl save her in time?!!!

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Kendra James & Randy Moore

A fab two girl cheesecake set is an extra special treat this week. Kendra and Randy absolutely sizzle. Whether they're dressing each other or caressing, it's all just sexy as hell.

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 6 - Danielle, Your Turn

The conclusion of the Soft Surrender story is finally here - with Emily Addison really turning up the heat on poor, helpless Danielle Trixie. Danielle's earlier domme-ish behavior has backfired. She didn't expect Emily to have such a cunning sense of stringent bondage - evidenced by the severity of her bondage. The weight at the end of Danielle's crotchrope only seems to excite Emily, as she pulls out a vibrator and masturbates to Danielle's struggles and moans... very sexy girl / girl bondage.

Follow along with our lovely bondage babes in this last "Soft Surrender" video segment - 13 minutes of yumm.
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 5 - Danielle, Your Turn

After Emily's last bondage at the hands of Danielle Trixie, she decides it's Danielle Trixie's turn to feel some super tight ropes around her struggling body. More super sexy girl / girl bondage. Yummy.

Also in included with this update - A fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Soft Surrender - Chapter 3

Danielle continues to introduce poor Emily Addison to the bondage lifestyle, this time strapping her to a slab, turning on a powerful vibrator and letting the sparks fly! Oh my!

Also included with this update - a fab 18 minute video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 4 - So, So Tight

Emily's bondage lessons at the hands of Danielle Trixie continue - If the other bondage was all about coming over and over, this one is just about how tight the ropes are. And they are tight. Very tight. From her hands to her crotch and everywhere inbetween. Just super bondage at it's best.

Also included with this update - a super fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Homage to the Cat's Whiskers

Emily gets into the O-girl spirit in a really awesome homage to the "Cat's Whiskers" - a Batgirl trap from the 60's Batman show. Unlike the show, this version is really quite inescapable. A truly special set that is sure to please. :)

Soft Seduction, Chapter 2

Danielle Trixie continues to "introduce" Emily Addison to bondage in the new girl/girl bondage series "Soft Seduction". Emily finds out too late that ropes can be very tight and soon she is completely helpless to resist Danielle's increasingly dominant advances...

Also included with this update - a fab video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender - Chapter 1

Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie together for the first time anywhere. They star in a new story called "Soft Surrender", in which Danielle brings Emily over to the studio one night on the prentense of checking on things, but her really motivation is to introduce Emily to bondage. And she does so. A very steamy start to a girl / girl bondage story that just gets steamier and steamier... OOOFA.

Included with this update: a super fab 23 minute video clip that is sure to please.
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Enter Nylonika - Part 1

Hold on to your hats, there's another crimefightress in Capital City. She's called Nylonika and she is on the prowl. This week is the start of her first solo adventure. Lured to the set of a photoshoot by the renowned glamour photographer Glenda Glam, Nylonika is trapped in a prison made just for her... Glenda turns out not to be Glenda, but Angora, Lady Felina's trusted assistant. She's been given specific instructions, but she can't resist to play with her snared superheroine... super sexy stuff starring Kendra James as Nylonika and Darling as Angora/Glenda...

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

Reconnection - Chapter 2

Christina Carter and Randy Moore are back at it in a new chapter of the "Reconnection" story... Randy's introduction into bondage continues... this time she gets the full rope treatment with some very sexy foot fetish - Tight ropes and sexy two girl action... can it get hotter?

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

The Ladies Boat Club
That Sinking Feeling - Randy's Beached

In this week's new episode of "The Ladies Boat Club", Mary Jane has tied up Randy Moore on the beach.
Unfortunately, that beach just happens to be located in quicksand cove... oh dear, oh dear...
Can she possibly escape?

The Ladies Boat Club
Bon Voyage

Darby, Mary Jane, Randy Moore & Rachel Paine take a lake boat trip to Danger Reef and
serious sexiness ensues... the first chapter gets off to a very sexy start!

The Ladies Boat Club

Rachel gets the treatment at the hands of Mary Jane and Rachel in the next chapter
of "The Ladies Boat Trip" story... yummy!

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