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FetishCon is coming!

Howdy all - I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be out at FetishCon in Florida this August, hanging out and
teaching some classes/seminars. I hope those of you that are attending will come say hi!

Also, I've been nominated for "Best Bondage" rigger. If you feel so inclinded, please run over and


I would greatly appreciate the support!

Laurie Wallace - Kitty Love

The Way Back Machine goes back to 2002 this week - and a fab set of Laurie Wallace that I dusted off and re-edited from the originals. Gorgeous girl. Tight, inescapable ropes. Super sexy outfit. It's what the cafe has always been about... Yummy.

Kendra James and Sara Liz - The Revenge of U-89 - Part 1

Life for Zena (Kendra James) has taken a rather unfortunate turn. With Gwendoline and the Missing Princess rescued by U-89, Auntie and Fifi, she finds the tables have turned as U-89 dishes out the punishment that she so deserves. That means a tight, and always stringent pole tie. Zena pleads to be released, but U-89 just continues to weave the ropes around her. Tighter and tighter and tighter, until Zena can only move her head and her hands... oh what horrible fate awaits her?

Included with this update - an awesome 12 minute video clip
• Latex Waistcincher • Girl / Girl Bondage • Pantyhose • Stockings • Rope Bondage • Pole Tie • Struggling •

The Adventures of O-girl - Deadly Interview - Part 2

O-girl (Christina Carter) awakens to find herself strapped down to a slab. Phoebe (Kobe Lee) laying in another room is watching her on a closed circuit monitor. Phoebe tells O-girl that she has been strapped to her Orgasma-Rack. A fiendish torture device that will put and end to O-girl once and for all.

Phoebe explains that there are only three rules. If O-girl doesn’t struggle, the straps on the rack will tighten. If she does struggle, the vibrator that is tied tightly between her legs will be activated - and finally, if O-girl has an orgasm, the machine will tighten.

O-girl quickly finds all of this is true. She doesn’t struggle and the machine tightens, which causes her to struggle, thus starting the vibrator that has her have an orgasm. The cycle repeats. O-girl is helpless as she struggles to stay ahead of the machine. Phoebe watches in the other room and gets more and more excited, finally masturbating to O-girl struggling form. Can O-girl survive?

Included with this update - A sexy perilous 12 minute video clip
• O-girl • Superheroine • Peril • Pantyhose •  Strap Bondage • Tightening Rack • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Gigi Allens - Sexy Sexy

The hands tied down to the thighs isn't new. I remember seeing it in old (and really bad) bondage mags from the seventies. However... those ties generally were bad. They didn't really work. Something that I found out when I started doing this whole bondage tying thing. If is isn't done correctly, the gal can just slide her hands out, or slide the ropes down her thighs and escape. It took me awhile to understand how to tie this so that no only can't she get free, but she can't slide her hands to the front to allow her to remove a vibrator or other "item" placed (or inserted) to make things more... interesting.

I've done this in the past and used the crisscross rope technique. It is very pretty, but actually it can be difficult to keep neat. I decided that I would do something a bit more straight forward. Just a number of parallel rope coils, placed at the right areas... once I was done, she was as helpless as a burrito... :)

Adding the vibrator made this come together, and allowed (or maybe forced is a better word) Gigi to really enjoy herself for good long time.

Included with this update -A a very sexy 16 minute video clip
• Red Sparkle Catsuit • Stocking Feet • Rope Bondage • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Dita Von Teese - Cover Girl

As part of the way back machine Tuesday, I went back looking to see what I could post that hasn't been seen in a long time. I saw these pics of Dita and that were originally shot during a shoot for a cover of the BondCon Vegas program booklet back in 2002. Incredibly, when I went back to see when these were last posted, I couldn't even see where they were originally posted, or if they were EVER posted. I'm sure that I'm mistaken - and some much smarter cafe member will correct me on this (please do), but I can't find the original post or pictures. Regardless, I went back to the original photos and edited them either afresh or for the first time.

Gorgeous cheesecake and bondage pictures of a seriously sexy girl. Just rockin'... enjoy.

Christina Carter - Squirm-ilicious

If there is something I've learned from shooting with Christina Carter for over ten years, she has always looked great in catsuits. One of the first sets I shot with her was a set of her in a black catsuit on my stairs in my old house. Well, things haven't changed all that much. You put Christina in a suit and then tie her up right and the magic just happens. Let her have a few orgasms and it gets even better. Especially when she is nice and sensitive... OOOFA.

Included with this update -A very tight and sexy 27 minute video clip
• Red Catsuit • Pantyhose • Rope Bondage • Stocking Feet • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Arielle Lane - Knotted Bliss

A lot of people wonder just what it must be like to tie up a girl that really just digs being tied up. It is what makes my job so much fun. To watch someone writhe around in really tight ropes and disappear into a world inside their head. It can be a very magical thing. Arielle is one of those girls. She just adores being helpless (under the right circumstances of course). I eager oblige her when I can. This isn't super complicated bondage, but it is very tight (she appreciates that very much), and she can't get free, so she is very happy. Now she may not sound terribly happy. But that is because Arielle does like playing the damsel in distress. A gag is very important, and in this instance, her crotchrope got high marks. That knot was especially tied so she could grind against it... all in all... this is what bondage is supposed to be about (as far as I am concerned). Arielle, I think would definitely agree. Enjoy!

Included with this update - A very sexy 22 minute video clip
• Rope Bondage • Pantyhose • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Cherie DeVille - Sexy Spunk

Alexis returns and pretty much melts the lens in a series of glamour cheesecake and tight bondage. Another of those girls that loves to play dress-up (especially if it involves silky pantyhose), Alexis is ultra sultry without the ropes and then she just turns into that damsel in distress that she loves to play so much. Just another fantastic set that really goes to the heart of what this site is all about. Gorgeous girls that love to be tied up... OOOFA.

Included with this update - a super sexy 16 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Lurex Turtleneck and shorts •  Rope Bondage • Hog Tie • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Emily Marilyn - Blue Girl

It is said that blue girls come in every size. Some are wise and some otherwise. Some become helpless at the hands of others and their arms are sheathed in blue. Blue leather. And it is tight. And it is good...

Okay - yes, I've been a) listening to old Genesis songs (Trick of the Tale rocks folks), and listening to the Silmarillion - which is very hard to deal with, but interesting all the same. This is what goes on when I come back and edit old pics of Emily. I was talking to Jewel today and she told me that someone had written asking about a picture he had seen. It was from this set that was posted originally back in 2004. I realized that I had been ten years since I had posted it on the cafe.

I went to work and took out the original images and re-edited them. Looking back, I was not the greatest picture editor (or photographer if it must be said), and I've learned quite a lot in fifteen years. I hope you enjoy these. They are very sexy indeed.

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Cherie DeVille - Sexy Spunk

There is one thing I've learned over the years. You never really know what the experience of shooting a new gal is going to be. It doesn't matter what they've done before they walked in the room, it really is like a blank slate. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it fizzles a bit. Ms. Cherie brought a really awesome, attitude that I can probably best sum up as "spunky". She had fun and loved being tied up, but at the same time struggled her way into our hearts. When I ask a gal I've never worked with before to try to untie themselves, most of the time the reaction to that is: "Are you kidding me?". Not so with Cherie, she just went at it... All I can say is that if someone ever kidnaps this girl, and tie her up, they better be darned sure they know what they are doing... :)

Included with this update - a very sexy 10 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Leather Corset•  Rope Bondage • Hog Tie • Struggling •

The Adventures of O-girl - Deadly Interview - Part 1

O-girl (Christina Carter) accepts an interview with Herald Review reporter Phoebe Gates (Kobe Lee). Phoebe wants to get the scoop on O-girl's personal memories and reactions to being captured in deathtraps, and then goes one step further after O-girl answers her questions by trapping in her nasty, shrinking Shriv-tex wires! Oh! What eveil plan does she have in store for O-girl?!!

Included with this update - A sexy perilous 11 minute video clip
• O-girl • Superheroine • Peril • Pantyhose •  Wire Bondage • Struggling •

Emily Addison - Weight on her Mind

Emily Addison came by the other afternoon and I had a very specifi sc idea in my head (something that is unusual when I work), and I went about putting it together. I built the Girlie-Go-Round with a front bar equipped with a pulley... Emily didn't completely understand what was going to happen, but it didn't take long for her to figure it out.

The weight was just enough to make sure she knew about it... I then sat back and let her have some fun. It's a strange thing about weight - it just seems to get heavier and heavier the longer it is applied...

Sexy stuff that got sexier when the video camera got turned on... you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see that - but to give you an idea, more weight is added - with nipple clamps and finally a very powerful vibrator that made it all very interesting...

Included with this update - a super sexy 23 minute video clip
• Patent Playsuit • Rope Bondage • Tan Pantyhose • Struggling • Nipple Clamps • Weighted Crotchrope • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Dee William - Sailing

The Tuesday way back Machine update this week features the lovely Dee Williams decides that she wants to go sailing - which in this context is a very, very stringent hog tie that includes a t-bar / spreader bar configuration that keeps her in a seriously difficult arms up, back bending position. Dee can handle just about anything, but even she had to admit this one was very challenging indeed. Super sexy new picture and video edits... yummy!

Included with this update - a super stringent 6 minute video clip
• Black Catsuit • Sail Boat Bondage Tie • Rope Bondage • Ballet Heels • Stocking Feet • Struggling •

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Kobe Lee - Stocking Tied

A lovely set of Kobe, not just wearing nylons, but also tied up with them. I have a lot of used stockings. They can't be worn because they are run or picked, so I end up putting them in a bag. Occasionally, I will dip into that bag and use them for bondage. Hey have a certain look. It is a bit more haphazard, or improvised looking. They are what you would use on the spur of the moment. Most people don't have a spool of rope just laying around. They are also very unforgiving. That is because they are stretchy. Anything pretty stretchy ends up having to be really tight for the bondage to be effective. That means the stockings get really thin and that just isn't going to be comfortable. Kobe used it as method acting and did very struggling best. Not that we should expect any less. She loves bondage and although a lot more challenging, it just means she gets put in a different mind set - which can be fun all on its own... enjoy!

Included with this update - a sexy 8 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Stocking Bondage • Black Leather Corset •  Hogtie • Struggling •

Mosh - Leg Ballet

This was the last set of the day - and true to this day's situation, the final scene was not easy at all. Yes, looking at these pics, you may think, what are you talking about Jim. No, her arms aren't in a crazy reverse prayer, and she isn't in a crazy tight singleglove welding her elbows together, but there is something about a crazy tight corset, hood and most of all, a very restrictive posture collar seems to make whatever I come up with twice as difficult. All I know is that we didn't get video of this scene... it just wasn't going to happen.

Even with that all being said, I wouldn't do anything different. There is something really iconic about this sort of outfit. It is a truly objectifying outfit. She looks like some sort of deviant sex doll. Silent and servicable... and when the ropes are added, she just shines. Thanks sweetie, I appreciate all the hard work... :)

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Arielle Lane - String Theory

I erected a frame a few months ago for a shoot with Chrissy Marie and I figured I would try something similar, but different. Originally, it was going to have wire all around, but it just wasn't working out properly, so I decided to just use rope instead. I don't think it really mattered for Arielle. She couldn't move pretty much at all (which she liked), thus leading to all sorts of orgasmic bliss later on... Oh, these bondage girls do love to be tied up and helpless...

This is one of those ties that just takes forever to put together. I know - you would think what could be so hard? Well, I must say it was difficult to get right - but in the end, I think the results speak for themselves... enjoy folks!

Included with this update - a completely helplessly erotic 19 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Sheer Top •  Rope Bondage •  Frame • Knee Point • Nipple Clamps • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Arielle Lane - String Theory

This set was a bit of an impromptu thing. Just thin straps. I had pulled this dress out of the closet because I had a sneaking suspicion that it would look good on Arielle. As it turns out, I was more than right. The straps were quick, and very tight, pulling her elbows together and her hands, knees ankles and feet. The results were honestly just sexy as hell. Sometimes things come together on the spur of the moment, and it outshines all the scenes where you meticulously planned it all in advance.

Arielle didn't know exactly how good she looked, but I know she loved the feeling of it all. She squirmed and struggled her way through some seriously erotic bondage - even when I added a long strap that pulled her into a merciless ball tie. The video was just an extension of it all. Lots of honest, gut wrenching orgasms that left Arielle completely spent. Mission accomplished.

Included with this update - an awesome 20 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Lurex Dress •  Strap Bondage • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Gigi Allens - Dark, Slick and Tight

Miss Gigi Allens is back and helplessly lovely as ever. Long legs and gorgeous. It all looks great with ropes, especially when the drooling begins. Gigi slips and slides around the couch, enticing the watcher to come and take charge and that lovely knot between her legs gets pulled tighter every time she moves her hands... a delicious entree indeed.

Follow along with all the sexy helpless struggling in a 7 minute video clip
• Latex • Pantyhose •  Classic Bondage • 6" Stiletto Heeled Shoes •

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Kobe Lee - Tight Leather Princess

After shooting for all these many years, I must say that I'm not sure if anyone looks quite as good as Kobe in a tight black leather corset and black pantyhose. I guess that is why she has worn this outfit more than a few times. It's all good. Classic combos just don't get stale when they look quite as delicious as this. That smile on her face is probably the fact that she knows she is about to have a rip roaring helpless time. Something that Kobe has enjoyed her whole life. She does love to be tied up and being allowed (I can't say forced, because honestly, it isn't true), to have orgasms while being helpless is something that makes Kobe very happy inside.

So I thought that taping three vibrators together would only triplle the fun. I was, correct. Kobe was worn out, but very pleased, even if she ended up getting tickled a bit too. Not too much. Not a good idea to try that with Kobe, she really, really doesn't like it all that much... but I think, deep down, she probably gets a kick out of just how helpless she is... so it's all a means to an end... enjoy folks!

Included with this update -A super sexy triple vibed 26 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Sheer Top •  Strap Bondage • Struggling • Tickling •

Amber Michaels - Phone Sex

Amber is in the mood for love, but her lover is out of town. That doesn't mean she can't "reach out and touch someone" - even if that someone is herself. A seriously sexy set of cheesecake with a nice helping of sticky strawberries on top. Just yummy as hell.

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Ashley Lane - Ticklish?

This scene came about as a sort of afterthought - an after-bondage if you will. Basically, after a very difficult standing ponygirl bondage, I let Ashley lay around awhile. Yes, I did apply some very tight straps that were to prove very effective, but she wasn't forced to stand in 6" heels, which as it turns out, Ashley found quite torturous indeed.

I honestly didn't have a specific plan for this set. I just thought I would let her struggle and see if she could get out of it. When it was patently obvious that she couldn't, it kinda dawned on me that this was probably the best postion to tie someone if you wanted to tickle them. I wasn't really sure just how ticklish Ashley was, but I soon found out. Actually, she didn't really know either. She remarked at the end of the video that she hadn't been this ticklish since she was a kid. Probably not a good thing to find out when you are utterly helpless, but maybe it was because she was so helpless that she was so ticklish... another chicken/road/egg thing I guess. All i really know is that tickle fans will probably love this video... because at the cafe, I really don't want to fake things. I don't ask girls to act a certain way. I just turn the camera on and go with the flow... enjoy.

Included with this update - A super ticklish 9 minute video clip
• Pantyhose •  Sheer Top •  Strap Bondage • Struggling • Tickling •

Cherie DeVille - Do You Love My Legs?

Ah... the lovely, leggy, Cherie DeVille. You know when she come around dressed to impress, that she is ready to play. The ropes are ready - and so is she. So before the main event starts, she decides that she'll give you all a little show of her putting on her favorite pair of black nylons. A delicious helping of cheesecake with some cherries on top... yummy!

Included with this update - A super sexy 9 minute video clip
• Undressing / Dressing •  Pantyhose • Leg Fetish •

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UltraVixen Vs. O-girl - Part Two

Having turned the tables on Ultravixen (Kobe Lee), O-girl puts her in a very sexy spreadeagle web tie with a vibrator tied in for good measure. She then informs her that the vibrator in on a timer and that she will eventually be calling the polics to come and pick her up. How long with that be? Well, certainly hours. By that time, poor UltraVixen will indeed be a sweaty, spent pile of mush... yummy!

Included with this update - A sexy 15 minute superheroine video clip
• Superheroine • Ogirl •  UltraVixen • Girl / Girl Bondage • Spread-eagle • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Randy Moore - Chain Mail

It's Cheesecake Wednesday, and to celebrate, I have put together some lovely pics of Randy Moore - dressed in an outfit that reveals more than it hides... just sexiness incarnate. This isn't an outift that would be practical to tie ropes on, so it wasn't used for the bondage set, but boy, it certainly works for the cheesecaake side of the equation... Oh my.

Carissa Montgomery - Cat's Got It

Here is a set of Carissa that I shot awhile back - and I figured what better time than the present to bring it out and let everyone enjoy it. She really went into her helpless head-space here. You can see it in the video. She is tied in a "hand at thighs" tie that is quite effective, and yet can be withstood for long periods of time. Perfect if you want to play with someone for an extended period of time. Remember it isn't the first orgasm that makes a bondage girl go crazy - it's the umpteenth one that she has when she realizes just how helpless she is... Sexy stuff. Catsuit fans rejoice!

Included with this update - A helplessly sexy 20 minute video clip
• Catsuit • Rope Bondage • Nipple Clamps • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Kendra James - Das Boots

This week's cheesecake Wednesday features some seriously lovely pics and video of Kendra James, playing around in some seriously sexy leather. From her gloves, to her top or mini skirt, or her gorgeous thigh-high, leather ballet boots. The boots are always quite a commitment. They employ regular laces, and not the speed laces that you might expect. That means they take quite a long time to put on. Probably around 20 minutes with help, but they are certainly worth the effort. Kendra thought so anyway... So damn sexy...

Included with this update - A sexy 10 minute video clip
• Leather • Thigh-high Ballet Boots •  Pantyhose • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Jenna Lyte - Maid for Cheesecake

This week's cheesecake Wednesday is all about Jenna Lyte. Jenna was one of the first models to work for the cafe back in 2001 and worked through 2003. She was, regardless of her looks, really a tomboy at heart, whose main dream was to go and work as a mechanic for Ducati motorcycle racing. She enjoyed bondage modeling because it was a challenge. She often got bored with regular model jobs because she said it was just too easy.

Here, I decided to do a french maid / striptease / foot fetish sort of thing with her before the bondage. As it turns out a lot of the bondage photos were destroyed when the camera card malfunctioned - but luckily, these awesome leg oriented photos made it through unscathed. Just supe sexy.

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Sasha Monet - Your Own Little Showgirl

I was looking to see what I wanted to post for this week's Cheesecake Wednesday - and came across these. I hadn't posted them for years. The reason was that they were edited back in 2003 - and they were small - so I knew that would require me to go back and re-edit them from the originals. I thought, what the heck. The results were worth the effort. They are gorgeous picttures and they mark the arrival of this outfit, later to be know as the saloon girl costume. It also marked the first time Sasha worked for the cafe. Fitting that Sasha was the first to wear the outfit. It always looked fantastic on her. Enjoy folks - yumminess ahead.

Randy Moore - Turtleneck Heaven

Randy looked so freakin' good in this rather simple outfit of skin-tight brown turtleneck, pantyhose and 6" stiletto heeled sandals, that I had to shoot cheesecake of it. Interestingly, for one reason or another, the pics never were published. I figured I would fix that error today. Like many sets like these, they are a precursor to the sexy bondage that follows... personally, dressing like this would be a precursor to many things... :)

Jewell Marceau - What the Girl Wants

Bondage girls come in many different varieties. Some are really submissive generally, and others are not, but enjoy giving the power to someone else that they trust. They all like to be tied up in one form or another in such away that they can't get out. It can be a complicated elbows together hogtie, or it can just be lying on your back with your arms over your head. This sort of tie, is really a precursor to other things. In this case a whole load of helpless orgasms. When girls put themselves in this sort of position, they really would prefer if someone else took charge. Asked if she wanted to come again, Jewell didn't really want to answer, but eventually had to admit that she indeed did... What followed was some seriously sexy gyrations... yummy stuff!

Included with this update - A helpless 13 minute video clip
• Rope Bondage • Catsuit • Boots • Struggling • Vibrator • Orgasms •

Kobe Lee - Time to Play Untied

Kobe just looks awesome in a pair of sheer black pantyhose. Okay - she would look good in a black garbage bag, but there is something about her awesome skin tone - it just rocks it. She is a piece of cheesecake with a very large cherry on top... so sexy.

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Candle - Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Candle is back and ready for action. Dressed in a lovely, open-breast corselette, made of sexy transparent latex by by Laura at Vex Clothing (fab stuff) and a pair of very sheer, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings, Candle exposes it all in a very extended cheesecake set of over 200 pics... Just super sexy. Enjoy.

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Randy Moore - Linger-ific!

I have taken a lot of pictures over the years, and because of that, sometimes, I can overlook pictures that I thought had been edited and released. Such is the case with these lovely images of Randy. I shot them just before tying her and shooting a bondage set. Those images and video were released in 2013. These images had been moved to a different folder - and weren't edited. I figured this would make a great cheesecake Wednesday update!

The very curvy Randy had brought this set of lingerie with her. I gave her a nice pair of fully-fashioned stockings, and some killer, 6 1/4" stiletto sandals to finish off the look. She did the rest... enjoy!

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Paris Kennedy - Sheerly Sensational

After a very long absence, Paris Kennedy came by for an afternoon and evening of very tight bondage and general fun. Julie did a fab job on the makeup and hair (she always seems to do that, doesn't she?), and thought that this lovely black vintage-ish girdle would look great on her. The stockings were my idea. They are the just about the sheerest black reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stockings that I've found (from the good folks at Secrets in Lace). They are delicate as hell (I think you can mark them up by looking at them), but they are gorgeous and Paris made them an absolute sensation... Very sexy stuff from a gal that we need to work with more often than we have in the past... Just pure OOOOFA.

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Paris Kennedy - Sheerly Sensational

After a very long absence, Paris Kennedy came by for an afternoon and evening of very tight bondage and general fun. Julie did a fab job on the makeup and hair (she always seems to do that, doesn't she?), and thought that this lovely black vintage-ish girdle would look great on her. The stockings were my idea. They are the just about the sheerest black reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stockings that I've found (from the good folks at Secrets in Lace). They are delicate as hell (I think you can mark them up by looking at them), but they are gorgeous and Paris made them an absolute sensation... Very sexy stuff from a gal that we need to work with more often than we have in the past... Just pure OOOOFA.

Sara Liz - Maid for Fetish

This is a rather special set of Sara. She came by to shoot on her birthday, and one thing led to another and we decided it would be cool to do a "Fifi the French Maid" sort of set. She looked so awesome in her outfit, and those crazy long legs of her encased in fully fashioned stockings, that I just had to shoot a few cheesecake shots before the ropes came out. A few turned into more than a couple of hundred. I posted the bondage pics and video back in 2014, but these cheesecake pics never got put together. I realized that this week and after some considerable time, I have remedied the oversight. Enjoy folks... these are indeed, some seriously tasty shots... absolutely gam-tastic!

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Angela Sommers - On a Dark and Stormy Day

I had planned on shooting outside with the very curvaceous Miss Sommers, but the weather got in the way. Chance of showers doesn't work well with electronic equipment, so I decided to shoot indoors instead. It was a really, really great day. After looking at these delectable delights, I am sure you will agree...

Christina Carter - Up Close and Personal!

Seriously "Super" sexy pics of Christina as O-girl! Re-edited for your enjoyment. There is something about Christina when she gets dressed up in this particular outfit that is just different than any other... yowza!

Kobe Lee - The Perfect Dress

This is truly gorgeous set of Kobe. I got this dress a while back and pulled it out when Kobe was over. She put it on - and it didn't quite fit right, so while she was having her makeup and hair done by Jewel (quite wonderfully, I might add), I went and altered it a bit. Voila - the perfect fit. Mated with a pair of very silky pantyhose, and six-inch, stiletto heeled sandals, and you have the making of something fantastic. I think it is obvious that Kobe felt empowered by it all. I, of course had to shoot a full set of cheesecake set of pics. Enjoy folks... the accompanying bondage pics and video are even hotter (they'll be posted tomorrow...)

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Mary Jane

Cheesecake Wednesday! Mary Jane is such a classic beauty. She has all the curves in all the right places and her legs go on forever. Her feet have some some of the sexiest arches around and she knows it. But don't worry she doesn't let it go to her head. But she does like to tease you with those things she knows you like. First she is covered in nylon pantyhose but adds a pair of silky full fashioned stockings over top. the layered nylon accentuates her long, curvy legs. She puts on her shiny boots and does a little show for you before taking them off again. She really does these boots and we can't blame her.

Included with this update -a super leggy 21 minute video clip
• Corset • Lingerie • Stocking Feet • 6" stiletto heeled bootts •  Stockings • Pantyhose •  Leg Fetish •

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Christina Carter - Piece of Cake

Cheesecake Wednesday has a seriously awesome set of photos of Christina Carter. Some of our very best glamour work together. These images just drip sex and sin... awesome latex, pantyhose and heels at their very best. Rowr!

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Randy Moore & Emily Addison - Xmas Treats

A lovely holiday treat for those that love their women unfettered. First Randy Moore is quite festively sexy in her UltraVixen outfit. I think she wants to give out the presents personally - with her being last. Then it's Emily Addison's turn. She has decided to get all dolled up for you in her favorite Santa's Helper getup. Fully-fashioned stockings and heels will certainly warm the hearts of any Jolly individual... enjoy!

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Angela Sommers - December Afternoon

It was an unusually warm December afternoon when Angela come by to shoot. She has on a leather skirt that barely covers her butt. We don't mind since it gives us a chase to look at her bodacious booty covered in nylon. I love the transparency of her pantyhose in contrast to her long patent boots with those 6 inch metal stiletto heels! You can tell she really likes it al too. Although being the creature she is Angela Sommers must slip out of her clothing. Just super sexiness at its best!

Included with this update - A super yummy 11 minute video clip
• Leather • Thigh High Stiletto Boots • Pantyhose • Masturbation • Orgasms • Dildo •

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Claire Sinclair - Latex Girl

The gorgeous Claire Sinclair is our cheesecake course this week. Playmate of the Year, and then headliner of her own show on the Vegas strip called "Pin-up", Claire is no newcomer to this sort of photography. Long time memebers here will also attest that she looked mighty awesome in bondage as well. This set of pictures was taken before our second set. I'm not even sure she needs any berry topping - she is yummy just the way she is!

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Kobe Lee - Soft Impact

Ah, the lovely Kobe Lee... looks like she is dressed to impress. She knows you like it when she wears nylons. She is wearing her favorites today. The silkiest she has ever worn. Soft and slightly oily with a sheen that really gets the attention from across the room. So few women wear them anymore that she really wonders why. She loves the way they feel, and the way they look. Maybe she will be a bit late to the party, but she knows that she's get a lot of secret stares when she gets there...

Included with this update -a leggy 14 minute video clip
• Pantyhose • Leg Fetish • 6" stiletto mules •  Stocking Feet • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Sara Liz - Tutu

A lovely set of Sara Liz, dressed in a sheer black bodystocking, super tight corset, 6" stiletto-heeled boots, opera length leather gloves, and a little tutu, just to give it all an added flair. This is a truly sexy slice of cheesecake that I figured Sara Liz fans would enjoy... She is truly delicious...

Included with this update a sexy 12 minute video clip
• Cheesecake • Bodystocking • Corset • Leather Stiletto Heeled Boots • Stocking Feet • Leg Fetish • Leather •

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Andrea Rosu - Porched

The delectable Miss Rosu came by for a lovely relaxing day - The weather was so purr-fect, that she couldn't resist getting dolled up in a tight black catsuit and boots - just for you... ROWR is right!

Included with this update - a very sexy 10 minute video clip
• Catsuit • Strappy 6" Stiletto Heeled Boots • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Arielle Lane - Poled

Arielle Lane is tied to a pole and left outside in a very helpless 10 minute video clip
• John Willie• Pole Tie • 6" Stilettto Heels • Struggling • Stockings •

Christina Carter - Long Line Lady

When Christina showed me this corset that she had just purchased, and then put it on - well, it HAD to be used. It was like it was designed for her. So tight - so unbelievably sexy. i'm pretty sure that it had a similar effect on her, because that sexual animal that is always lying below the surface with her, just came alive. I just had to sit back and take the pictures and video... sometimes, my job really is super EASY. Awesome stuff indeed.

Included with this update: a super sexy 10 minute video clip
• Leather Corset • Leather Boots • Pantyhose •  Stocking Feet • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Randy Moore - Personal Secretary

Randy Moore is quite the secretary don't you think? Those long legs tucked up into that pencil skirt hugging her curves makes my mind wonder, I wonder if what's up her skirt is as sweet as imagined?

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Akira Lane - The the Love of Nylon

Akira is known for her love of nylons - so it was not hard to get her show that love for everyone. It's a beautifully warm January day in Southern California - and she can't help but go outside on the porch and relex. But of course she had to add some leather into the mix with these gorgeous thigh high leather boots we received from a fan (Thank you!!). Her red nails show what class this little woman has and the vibrator next to her will help you see her dirty side too as she makes herself cum in her pantyhose. My what a potty mouth! Akira can’t have just one either. She told me later that she squirted in her nylon pantyhose a little too! Now that’s what you call a fabulous afternoon.

Included with this update: A sexy 15 minute video clip
• Pantyhose • Leg Fetish • Thigh High Patent Leather Boots • Vibrator •
Orgasms  •

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Mary Jane - Leather Ballet

Mary Jane gets dolled up in leather and nylon and then shows everyone just how sexy she is. One of those sets that really lives forever - so incredibly sexy....

Kobe in the Pool

Kobe wears her pantyhose in the pool - and can't keep her hands off herself.
• Pantyhose • Outdoors • Stocking Feet • Swimming Pool • Masturbation  • Orgams • Underwater Footage •

Kobe Lee - Leather Lovely

Kobe is a dish - both personally and in her wonderfully shapely form. Here, already in the mood to be tied up, she sits for a number of untied shots. This is when "girl next door" meets kinky... yummy indeed. She even has shoes to mach her dress, even when she takes off her shoes to reveal her cute, sexy stocking feet.....

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Rachel Paine

Rachel struggles as best she can and has no way of stopping the waves of Orgasms
in a very sesy 7 minute video clip
• Chair Tie Rope Bondage • White Bodystocking • Stocking Feet • Struggling • Vibrator  • Orgams •

Emily Addison - Comix Obsession

Emily just can't get enough of her latest O-girl comic. She has to play with herself while she reads it, and then gets out the vibrator to finish herself off in fabulous style. Super sexy.

Included with this update: a super sexy 7 minute video clip
• Fully Fashioned Stockings • Lingerie • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasm •

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An intimate interview with Kendra James

Get to know the Nylonik Kendra James a bit better with a fabulous 40 minute interview!

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Cherie DeVille - New Shoes

Cherie has a brand new pair of shoes. Well, she actually got them from a vintage shoes dealer. They are insanely high, 7" stiletto heeled mules. She thought they would go great with your favorite white dress and tan pantyhose and she was correct. The only problem is that she can barely stand in the shoes. These are fetish shoes meant to be worn in the bedroom, and that is okay with Cherie, because just wearing them has made her wet. She masturbates and licks her legs and feet and then brings herself off a number of times with a vibrator.
Included with this update: a super sexy 15 minute video clip
• Pantyhose Fetish • 7" Vintage Stiletto Heels • Stocking Feet • Vibrator • Masturbation •
Orgasms  •

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Mary Jane - Leg Show

Ah... the insanely leggy Sara - with some seriously awesome hair and makeup from Jewel. Sara is such a cool girl - and well, she just rocks the latex/nylon. I could look at this girl all day long. Just incredibly sexy. I went back and re-edited them - so they are a bit bigger than the originals, but also cleaner. Just yowser.

Included with this update: a super sexy 10 minute video clip
• Pantyhose • 7" Vintage Stiletto Heels • Masturbation •

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Sara Liz - Milk

Ah... the insanely leggy Sara - with some seriously awesome hair and makeup from Jewel. Sara is such a cool girl - and well, she just rocks the latex/nylon. I could look at this girl all day long. Just incredibly sexy. I went back and re-edited them - so they are a bit bigger than the originals, but also cleaner. Just yowser.

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Candle - Singleglove in Blue

A lovely and tight 10 minute video clip
• Lingerie • Black Stockings • Singleglove • Muzzle Gag Hog Tie •

Candle and Angela Sommers - Catwoman's Lair

Here is a lovely set of pictures of Candle that I took when I was casting the Perils of Batgirl movie back in August of 2013. We got her all dolled up in the feline alter ego and I took some shots of her. They were, as you can see, rather spectacular. Now, the issue came that when the movie came out, we changed the catsuit to the more original 60's one, so I never ended up posting these images. Of course they weren't going to languish in obscurity forever. I figured they would make a nice cheesecake update. I mean you can't have too much Candle as Catwoman sliding around on her throne can you?

However, when I was editing them, i got a clear sense that Candle deserved a foil to play against - so I went and found some images of Angela Sommers i used in an earlier Batgirl short (with Kobe Lee), and re-edited those to fit the mood of these pics. Pretty awesome all told. Enjoy folks :)

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Christina Carter - Silver Streak

Miss Carter in a silver dress in dungeon... well, it has an interesting ring to it. She certainly knows how to heat up a cold stone room - that is for sure. She makes it downright balmy. She knows she looks good. The way that dress hugs her curves perfectly, it shines into your eyes in all the right spots doesn’t it? Add the pantyhose and heels and you’ve got Christina all hot and bothered. She can’t help but touch herself. Her red nails draw your attention to her wet pussy. She’s a gal that never leaves home without her vibrator. It doesn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. Her knuckles go white as every muscle in her body contracts and she lets out a screaming orgasm in true Christina Carter style. Her body quivers as she continues to torture herself with the vibrator on her over sensitive clit. It’s beautiful!

Included with this update: Christina heats up the room in 7 minute video clip
• Silver Dress •  6" stiletto Sandals • Pantyhose • Masturbation
• Orgasm •

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Ashley Graham - Snap to it

Miss Graham gets all dolled up in a open-breast, snap-crotch teddy and black stockings. She's looking smokin hot! Her huge natural boobs sit perfectly on her chest under the soft sheer hosiery. All of this really puts her in the mood for some erotic playtime. It's no wonder her pussy got shiny too. She's such a dirty girl but she does clean up her messes!

Included with this update: An awesome 16 minute video clip
• PVC Snap-Crotch Teddy •  Thigh High Stockings • Dildo • Masturbation
• Orgasm •

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Cherie DeVille - Back to the Ballet

Her toes are forced into a point position because of the tight leather boots laced around her legs. She really really likes them. Her leather gloves glide seamlessly over her pantyhose covered ass. It’s fantabulous! Cherie talks to the camera as she shows herself off. The leather creaks - her pussy gets wet. She splits her legs from one end of the couch to the other to show off her flexibility and her assets! She even pulls one legs backwards over her head! If she wasn’t wearing pantyhose you’d be able to look deep into her vagina!

Her thoughts get naughty and her hand goes into her pantyhose. She’s getting VERY excited! It’s a good thing for us that she has a vibrator near by - she begins to grind her hips into the vibrator teasing herself. Feels so good doesn’t it! One is never enough when it comes to girls and orgasms in our world. It’s a good thing Cherie belongs in our world cuz she’s going to have more than one orgasm here. She tightly crosses her ankles and fucks the vibrator between her legs. I bet she likes bondage too! Mmmmm those are some juicy pantyhose Cherie! How many orgasms was that anyway? Someone’s a happy girl!

Included with this update: Cherie does her best to get you aroused in a sexy 16 minute video clip
• Saloon girl Costume •  Thigh High Leather Ballet boots • Pantyhose • Masturbation
• Orgasm •

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Angela Sommers - Blonde Baby

Her red nails slide up her pantyhose legs and over her round ass. She can’t help but wiggle her hips. Angela slips her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. Her nipples are hard as her hands run over her breasts. She looks straight at you to make sure you're watching and enjoying her. She pinches her tiny pink nipples then slips to the rug. Her legs glide back and forth on each other. You can hear them rub as she moves them back and forth. I think she’s trying to tell us something with the way she sticks her butt up in the air like that. Her pantyhose are getting VERY wet as you can see! With her gloved hand she rubs her clit, you can hear the nylon on nylon friction just below her heavy breathing. She thrusts her pelvis up and down. Not a bad warm up huh boys and girls? Angela takes off her shoes and pulls her pantyhose down so she can really get her hand in there. She grabs a handful of pussy and orgasms again. That was finger licking good!

Included with this update: Angela can't help herself in a awesome 39 minute video clip
• Patent Leather Corset •  6 1/4" Stiletto Heeled Sandals • Stocking Feet • Pantyhose • Masturbation
• Orgasm •

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Kobe Lee - Just too Sexy

When Kobe comes by she is always ready to get all dolled up. She is not alone. Girls love to play dress-up. That is just a fact, but when you add the element of bondage wear to the mix, Kobe gets particularly excited. A really nice tight leather corset, matching leather gloves, black lurex stockings and pantyhose just scream fetish. And Kobe knows, that if she is a really good girl, someone will get the hint and tie her up really tightly... ah... kinky girls... you just gotta love them...

Kendra James - Red Rover, Come Over and Over

When Kendra gets all dolled in red lingerie and fully fasioned black stockings, well it is game over. Especially when she brings out her red leather Hot Peppers pumps. Another gorgeous set of Kendra enjoying herself as any fetish enthusiast would... Leggy yumminess indeed!

Included with this update: a very sexy 14 minute video clip
• Fully Fashioned Stockings• Lingerie • 6" Leather Stiletto Heels • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Karlie Montana - Dressed for Pleasure

After a hard day at work Karlie Montana comes home to put on what she really wants to wear. She's been fantasizing about this outfit all day at work. She slips out of her dress and slides her chocolate pantyhose off replacing them with a sheer black pair. Next she glides on her latex girdle adding tight latex stockings. After she snaps her garters to her stockings she zips into a scoop neck latex shirt. For the finale she squeezes her feet into restricting ballet shoes (toe shoes). Mmmmm just how she imagined it would feel. She rolls around enjoying the sensations, working herself up and wanting more. She grabs her vibrator and makes herself cum. I'd say that was a great way to end your day, wouldn't you Karlie!

Included with this update: a very sexy 24 minute video clip
• Latex • Pantyhose • Dressing • Ballet Stiletto Heels • Masturbation • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Christina Carter - O-girl Confidential

This was a different sort of O-girl cheesecake thing. This one was much more interactive with the camera. It was a lot of fun to shoot and I have to say just sexier than hell...

Caroline Charmers (Known to the world as that dynamic daredoll O-girl) relaxes in her cushy uptown apartment when the phone rings. It's police headquarters! There has been a robbery. Caroline dons her distinctive O-girl costume and gets ready to fight crime when she hears that it is only a false alarm. Disappointed, O-girl picks up her recently purchased bondage photography book and begins to daydream. Her hand naturally moving down between her legs.

She notices you. It's okay. She knew you were watching her. She asks if you like what's she wearing. What's your favorite part? She begins to masturbate. She wonders if you like seeing her in tight bondage... or even something more perilous... She continues to talk to you as she grabs a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm, imagining, just like you that she is captured by Lady Felina, and subjected to her evil whims...

I have to say that these are some of the sexiest O-girl pictures and video I have shot of her...

Included with this update: A truly awesome 19 minute video clip
• O-girl • Superheroine • Pantyhose • Boots • Dressing • Talking to Camera • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Dee Williams - Playtime

When Dee comes over, she is always ready to get dolled up. She is just a fetish girl at heart. You give her a pair of black pantyhose, a very sexy form fitting dress and a pair of crazy-high, 7-inch vintage heels and well... you have yourself a party. She just can't keep her hands off herself. That just means we get a tasty show and well, there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, I caution you that you better have some rope ready, because when Dee gets all dolled up like this, she sort of expects it. That isn't a problem. Dee can come over and play any time she wants.

Included with this update: A gorgeous 11 minute video clip
• Lingerie • 6" stiletto Heels • Fully Fashioned Stockings • Satin Gloves • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Ashley Lane - Blue Belle

A few months ago, when I did an interview with Ashley (you can find it on her model page), I asked her what her favorite set of pictures was. She answered that it was this cheesecake one that I shot for my old site. She loved them because the gorgeous blue lingerie, gloves, and fully fashioned stockings was such a different look that all the rest of the stuff we've shot... and I suspect that she loves these because they really are spectactularly pretty. Jewel's makeup was superb, and the blue of the lingerie really worked with her hair and it make her blue eyes pop.

I just so happen to have a pair of shoes in her size that match this lingerie perfectly too. There is even a very cool video to watch too. I actually went back and color corrected both the pics and the video... so enjoy folks... she is delectably delicious.

Included with this update: A gorgeous 11 minute video clip
• Lingerie • 6" stiletto Heels • Fully Fashioned Stockings • Satin Gloves • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Emily Addison - A Touch of Leather

Miss Emily is sexy any day of the week, but when you give her a chance to put on a bunch of leather and sheer nylon, well, she just transforms into a fetish animal. She adores these leather boots. She slides her foot in and begins to lace up those 6" stiletto heels. You can feel it in the air and you can see it in her eyes. Emily does love her job sometimes. Where else can she get all dolled up and is then allowed to come over and over?

Included with this update: A sexy 14 minute video clip
• Leather Corset • 6" stiletto Leather Boots • Pantyhose • Leather Gloves • Vibrator • Orgasms •

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Christina Carter - Strip, Play, Come

Christina warms herself up with a riding crop on her nipples, she then paddles her voluptuous ass making sure to get a few GOOD ones in there. Next Christina grabs the clover nipple clamps and puts them on. Yup, she’s in a mood all right and we like it! She pulls on the clamps and looks deep into the camera, right at you. Like a good girl she holds the clamps between her teeth and oops! She dropped them. You felt that right Christina? She strips out of her pants, exposing her pantyhose covered ass. You can see where she was hitting herself with the paddle.

She picks up the paddle and makes sure the other cheek matches. She keeps her high heels on while her pants come off. Her wet pussy is wanting in on the action too. Good thing she has a vibrator handy. She picks up the nipple clamps and drops them, picks them up then drops them again. You’d think she liked it wouldn’t you? She likes it when she knows you like watching her torment herself. It helps get her off! She finds a pair of scissors and cuts away the crotch of her juicy pantyhose. Her now swollen clit is exposed and hungry for the big boy! She pulls on the nipple clamps again - will she drop them? Some may need an ice pack at the end of the day!

Included with this update: A very sexy 16 minute video clip
• Black Leggings • Black Corset • Stripping • Pantyhose • Nipple Clamps • Paddle • Vibrators • Orgasms •

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The Adventures of O-girl - Mind Swap - Part 2

After many requests - and a number of years, I'm pleased to annouce that the second part of the O-girl Mind Swap story starring Christina Carter and Diana Knight is finally available. Lady Felina (Diana), who has just swapped minds with O-girl (Christina Carter), takes her costume and completes her identity change. Unfortunately, for her, O-girl, who is now Lady Felina, has escaped her bondage and pushes O-girl into the deadly, girl-eating, strangling ivy. Lady Felina leaves O-girl to die and takes a trip to the jewerly district.

Upon returning, she finds that the acid from the ivy has digested O-girl completely, only leaving her boots. But, it isn't the case! O-girl has escaped and drops a tangle net on Lady Felina. O-girl decides that she doesn't want to be good and decides to swap back their minds to the orignal (and far less confusing) status...

Follow along with all the O-girl action in a 9 minute video clip
• O-girl • Pantyhose • Superheroine • Peril • Man Eating Plant • Net •

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The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 30

Having been captured by Chastity Lansdale and handed off to Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight), O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James) find themselves trapped in Lady Lovelace's "Carno-Mesh" - which is made of meat eating plant material. Will they be slowly digested?!!

• O-girl • Nylonika • Superheroine • Peril •

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An intimate interview with Emily Addison

Jim ties up Emily Addison and takes the opportunity to record a 29 minute interview with her

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The Perils of Batgirl - Helping Hands

Catwoman (Diana Knight) basks in the glory of her latest theft: A collection of Pierre Chaton original vintage fetish shoes and awaits the arrival of Batgirl to her lair. Batgirl soon arrives, quickly dispatching Catwoman only to have the dependable henchman Manx (Anders) grab her from behind.

Manx lifts the kicking and squirming Batgirl up and then throws her spinning against a black rubbery slab in the corner of the room. As soon as Batgirl comes in contact with the surface, six black rubber hands fly out and grab her ankles, wrists, neck and crotch, holding her fast against the slab.

Catwoman explains to the struggling Batgirl that this is her wall of "helping hands". She then tears off the bottom of Batgirl's costume to reveal her pantyhosed legs underneath. Then with the help of the knowing crotch hand, Catwoman brings Batgirl to helpless orgasm.

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An intimate interview with Darling

Jim finds out about this very kinky bondage girl in a sexy 22 minute interview

An intimate interview with Angela Sommers

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 34 minute interview

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An intimate interview with Randy Moore

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 17 minute interview

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 6 - Oram Exam

Now it is Randy Moore's turn to squirm. Angela Sommers ties her up and then attaches a nice big pink strap on that she orders Randy to service as she torments her with a vibrator attached to a speed controller. If Randy performs well, she gets a reward. Although after she comes a few times and gets really sensitive, the idea of turning that vibrator to full power isn't such a reward anymore... Sexy stuff.

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Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 7 - Full Circle

In the final episode of the Curious Obsession 2 story, Angela Sommers straps Randy Moore to her self bondage table, but takes the remote, ensuring that Randy enjoys... errr... endures the powerful vibrator for a good, good, good... long time. How long? Well, I bet that Randy is wondering that right now too...

The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Chapter 1

Angela Sommers stars as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in a brand new photo story, "The Perils of Batgirl, a fetish porn parody". Barbara comes home to find out that the Gotham Herald has just named Batgirl the "Sexiest woman in Gotham City". Catwoman (played by the very sexy ) isn't pleased with the news. She informs Commissioner Gordon that Batgirl won't live long enough to enjoy her award and offers him a riddle.

Commissioner Gordon calls Batgirl on the Batphone and gives her the news. Barbara figures out the riddle and makes her startling change into Batgirl!

Batgirl follows the clues to the Mesmerian Culteral Exchange Center where a collection of Cat's Heart Opals are being displayed. Unfortunately, she finds that she is too late. The opals are gone. Worse still, Catwoman and even more importantly her goons are lying in wait for her and before she can react, she is grabbed and then tied in Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers. A nasty invention that slowly contract when placed in contact with the heat of the human body. Can Batgirl possibly escape?!

Note: You can purchase the 25 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Part 2

As we last left Batgirl (played by the fetching Angela Sommers), she was struggling to survive Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers which slowly tighten when exposed to heat. Batgirl manages to save herself by tripping the fire alarm, which releases freezing fog.

Back at her lair, Catwoman (Played by ) is relishing her victory, only it is short lived. Batgirl arrives, this time not expected. Catwoman sics her goons (Anders and Wolf Hudson) on her, but Batgirl is able to thrash them during the ensuing fight. She walks over the unconscious henchmen to take Catwoman to jail.

Catwoman however has other plans and scratches Batgirl with her paralyzing dust. Disabling her.

Batgirl awakens to find herself at the wrong end of a long conveyor belt with a nasty (and quite sharp) saw blade at the other end. Catwoman flicks the switch and walks away. Leaving Batgirl to be slowly pulled towards the spinning blade. Will she be cut in two?!!

Note: You can purchase the 17 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


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Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of Curious Obsession 2 - Angela Sommer awakens to find Randy gone. She slips downstairs and finds a note explaing that Randy has been called away to work, but to make herself at home. Angela does so, checking in the closet for an outfit to wear, she finds instead a closet full of fetish wear. She decides if Randy is going to be at work that she should have a little fun. She puts on the outfit only to be lured into Randy's playroom by a phone call. Randy has laid a trap and Angela finds out too late. Unable to resist the lure of Randy's self bondage table, she lays down and straps herself in - and then becomes trapped when the wrists and ankles tighten down.

Then after the vibrator automatically locks in place, she is in for an even more crazy ride. Eventually Randy does return, but only to gag the helpless Angela and turn the vibrator up to full power. It seems that Angela is going to ride the bondage table for quite awhile longer.

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 2

The sexy Curious Obsession 2 story continues - Randy Moore decides to invite her friend Angela Sommers over to introduce her to her Kinky world of bondage. Randy seduces Angela by first giving her a gnetle foot rub. Things really start getting hot as Randy starts to suck and lick Angela's soft stocking feet. She then blindfolds her, ties her hands and then brings her to orgasm... After Angela comes down from her orgasmic high, Randy invites her to stay the weekend. Angela can hardly refuse...

Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 2 - Cat's Cradle

Randy continues her duel role as O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena. Having traps her in a net, Sirena ties O-girl in a special bondage called a Cat's Cradle - a nasty torturous bondage that tightens the more O-girl struggles. Sirena borrows her costume, turns on a powerful vibrator and then leaves the real O-girl to perish... can O-girl survive possibly survive?

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 2

Having put Nylonika under her hypnotic spell, Chastity takes the opportunity to play with her mindless prey, first by watching her struggle in imaginary ropes and then by having her worship her sexy feet. Then she tells Nylonika that she is burning up with sexual desire. Nyloniika masterbates and then finally grabs a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm over and over. O-girl arrives to break up the fun, but soon finds that Nylonika is not herself. Chastity orders Nylonika to attack O-girl, which she does with glee. After a catfight, Chastity tosses her some rope and Nylonika ties O-girl up. With Nylonika completely entranced and O-girl helpless, what diabolical fate awaits our two super sexy heroines?

Nylonika awakens to find herself tied to O-girl with vibrators tied tightly between both of their legs.. very sexy orgasmic action!

Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 1

With the magic of movie making, Randy Moore plays both O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena in a fabulous new adventure. In Chapter one, Serena captures O-girl in a tangle net that traps and then slowly tightens around her body...

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 1

Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) has been kidnapped by Lady Lovelance. Tied tightly in a purple straitjacket and black rope, she struggle in vain to free herself. Luckly for her, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives to save her in the nick of time. Unfortunately for Nylonika, it is all a ruse, and after she contacts O-girl to explain the situation, she finds Chastity across the room. Before she can react, Chastity throws a switch, powering up the spinning hypnotizing wheel. Nylonika is stunned into a trance. What evil plans does Chastity have planned for her?

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Razor Sharp Bait

Amazing eh? Two different O-girl things in one week? It is crazy time? Well, I guess so. This one is more traditionally O-girl. Lady Felina, always played so fetchingly by Diana Knight (damned, we missed her character) is back and just as deliciously evil as ever. Nylonika (Kendra James) traces Lady Felina to her hideout, but *GASP!* it's a trap. Lady Felina gets the upper hand by throwing Shriv-tex at her. Nylonika is captured and then tied down under a razor sharp pendulum in order to lure O-girl to the site... Oh horror! Will O-girl save her in time?!!!

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Kendra James & Randy Moore

A fab two girl cheesecake set is an extra special treat this week. Kendra and Randy absolutely sizzle. Whether they're dressing each other or caressing, it's all just sexy as hell.

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 6 - Danielle, Your Turn

The conclusion of the Soft Surrender story is finally here - with Emily Addison really turning up the heat on poor, helpless Danielle Trixie. Danielle's earlier domme-ish behavior has backfired. She didn't expect Emily to have such a cunning sense of stringent bondage - evidenced by the severity of her bondage. The weight at the end of Danielle's crotchrope only seems to excite Emily, as she pulls out a vibrator and masturbates to Danielle's struggles and moans... very sexy girl / girl bondage.

Follow along with our lovely bondage babes in this last "Soft Surrender" video segment - 13 minutes of yumm.
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 5 - Danielle, Your Turn

After Emily's last bondage at the hands of Danielle Trixie, she decides it's Danielle Trixie's turn to feel some super tight ropes around her struggling body. More super sexy girl / girl bondage. Yummy.

Also in included with this update - A fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Soft Surrender - Chapter 3

Danielle continues to introduce poor Emily Addison to the bondage lifestyle, this time strapping her to a slab, turning on a powerful vibrator and letting the sparks fly! Oh my!

Also included with this update - a fab 18 minute video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 4 - So, So Tight

Emily's bondage lessons at the hands of Danielle Trixie continue - If the other bondage was all about coming over and over, this one is just about how tight the ropes are. And they are tight. Very tight. From her hands to her crotch and everywhere inbetween. Just super bondage at it's best.

Also included with this update - a super fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Homage to the Cat's Whiskers

Emily gets into the O-girl spirit in a really awesome homage to the "Cat's Whiskers" - a Batgirl trap from the 60's Batman show. Unlike the show, this version is really quite inescapable. A truly special set that is sure to please. :)

Soft Seduction, Chapter 2

Danielle Trixie continues to "introduce" Emily Addison to bondage in the new girl/girl bondage series "Soft Seduction". Emily finds out too late that ropes can be very tight and soon she is completely helpless to resist Danielle's increasingly dominant advances...

Also included with this update - a fab video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender - Chapter 1

Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie together for the first time anywhere. They star in a new story called "Soft Surrender", in which Danielle brings Emily over to the studio one night on the prentense of checking on things, but her really motivation is to introduce Emily to bondage. And she does so. A very steamy start to a girl / girl bondage story that just gets steamier and steamier... OOOFA.

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Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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Enter Nylonika - Part 1

Hold on to your hats, there's another crimefightress in Capital City. She's called Nylonika and she is on the prowl. This week is the start of her first solo adventure. Lured to the set of a photoshoot by the renowned glamour photographer Glenda Glam, Nylonika is trapped in a prison made just for her... Glenda turns out not to be Glenda, but Angora, Lady Felina's trusted assistant. She's been given specific instructions, but she can't resist to play with her snared superheroine... super sexy stuff starring Kendra James as Nylonika and Darling as Angora/Glenda...

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

Reconnection - Chapter 2

Christina Carter and Randy Moore are back at it in a new chapter of the "Reconnection" story... Randy's introduction into bondage continues... this time she gets the full rope treatment with some very sexy foot fetish - Tight ropes and sexy two girl action... can it get hotter?

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

The Ladies Boat Club
That Sinking Feeling - Randy's Beached

In this week's new episode of "The Ladies Boat Club", Mary Jane has tied up Randy Moore on the beach.
Unfortunately, that beach just happens to be located in quicksand cove... oh dear, oh dear...
Can she possibly escape?

The Ladies Boat Club
Bon Voyage

Darby, Mary Jane, Randy Moore & Rachel Paine take a lake boat trip to Danger Reef and
serious sexiness ensues... the first chapter gets off to a very sexy start!

The Ladies Boat Club

Rachel gets the treatment at the hands of Mary Jane and Rachel in the next chapter
of "The Ladies Boat Trip" story... yummy!

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