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Starring Randy Moore
approximate running time : 1hour 46mins
Randy Moore has a special bondage rendezvous planned. She gets a call telling her that Jim will be home soon and promises not to start without him. However, as soon as she puts the phone down, boredom and her general kinky nature combine to test her will power. Unfortunately, she just isn't up to the challenge. First, she decides that there's no reason she can't get dressed in the outfit Jim has set out for her and she slowly puts everything on. All this does is make Randy horny and she decides that there isn't any harm in her masturbating just a little bit. She pulls out a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm. Then she decides to really up the ante and ties herself up. What could be the harm? Jim will be there shortly to free her, or not if she is really lucky. Things take an unexpected turn however when Jim calls and explains over the answering machine that he has been delayed and won't be there for hours. Randy's grand plan to surprise Jim has backfired. She forgot to put the key to the handcuffs where she could get at it and is completely helpless. After hours of self induced captivity, Jim finally arrives. He is none to pleased that she broke her promise and ties her into various positions and outfits as punishment.

Scene 2: Randy has traded her tight purple corset for an even tighter black leather one, with stockings and long leather gloves completing her outfit. She is tied in a web of white rope with her hands helplessly at her thighs. Between her legs, Jim has tied a vibrator in place. He feels if Randy wants to understand the meaning of orgasmic helplessness, then he is going to show her what it is all about. He turns the vibrator on and then retreats to watch Randy squirm, moan and come over and over. 

Scene 3: Next up Randy is dressed in a sheer playsuit and sheer black RHT stockings and tied in a classic elbows together lotus position. Her hands are tied tightly to her crotch rope, meaning that struggling with only pull the rope between her legs ever tighter.  A nice black ball gag completes her predicament.  After giving her a chance to struggle, Jim arrives and transforms the tie into a seriously tight hogtie.

Scene 4: There is no rest for the wicked - or in Randy's case the very wicked. She's changed outfits again, this time dressing herself in a gorgeous pearl corset and pantyhose. Jim adds the ropes: Black and tight. With her arms in an extreme box tie and her legs in a sexy frog tie, Randy struggles and squirms to perfection and the black ball gag makes sure she keeps her thoughts to herself.

Scene 5: After giving Randy a bit of a break, she finds herself in ultimate helplessness. She is strapped down to a slab with vibrators tied in and on her with a very effective 4-buckle panel ball gag strapped tightly in place. She can barely more and the vibrators keep her an a constant state of arousal, but without letting her come. After what must seem like ages, Jim arrives and replaces the external vibrator with a much more powerful wand type vibrator. Now the fun really starts. What transpires is Randy squealing and coming, unable to move. Jim adds to her torment by attaching tight nipple clamps and then tying them down to her crotch rope. Randy comes some more and then Jim pulls out all the stops. He removes the internal vibrator and replaces it with an external one, before finally using both vibrators at once on her. Randy is out of her mind, but can do nothing as the orgasms pile up... Jim finally stops the onslaught, blindfolds Randy, re-attaches the nipple clamps and then leaves her to struggle for the night.

DVD Disc: $35.95
NTSC (All Regions)

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