The Adventures of O-girl - Return of the Black Minx Reviews

Howdy all... Well, if you're like me, you like to know what people are saying about a product before you order it... here is a sample of the reviews I have received. If you have already watched the video and wish to send me a review - I would love to see it... send me an email... :)


WOW! Just got the DVD last night! One word: AMAZING!!
I have a lot of Superheroine/Damsell in Distress DVD"S but nothing comes close to "O" Girl!
The music, script, sets, hot women are all first rate, nothing has ever been done like this!
You have created a masterpiece!"


"Received O Girl DVD and may I say wow !!! Very well done.. Plot was good and scenery great.. I hope you do more videos . Customer for life thanks Jim"


"GGGGRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to quote a certain cartoon tiger. Jim you truly did a great job. First you get Andrea Neal and now Christina Carter to play the Bat Girl like heroine. You are right in saying that the props and graphics in this one are much better and that theme music is a perfect touch of sexiness added to the right scenes. I hope it doesn't take as long for the next video (even though it would be worth it) because i can't wait for the next one. I don't know if you can get both of them but perhaps maybe Amber Michaels and Jewell Marceau might be available for your next project?"

"Dear Jim:

Just a note to tell you I received the O Girl DVD and am blown away. It is absolutely awesome. Congratulations!! Christina is a perfect successor to Andrea Neal. Diana Knight is deliciously evil as Lady Felicia.
Everybody else plays their parts to the hilt.
I have only one question, when is the sequel???? :-)"


"I have to say, this DVD is AWESOME! I LOVE the ALL sexy naughty traps, and the dominatrix leader Diana Knight as Lady Felina Minx is a great actress! Not to mention her sexy pussycat sidekicks. TOTALLY believable. I am REALLY impressed with the sets and stages. REALLY the BEST I have ever seen!
The costumes are A+
Sets A+
Acting A+
Scripts A+
OGIRL A++ (she is a goddess)
Costumes A+

Without questions this is the best DVD I have ever seen and left me wanting more. And you picked the absolutely most perfect, beautiful woman for O-girl. I LOVE the fact they were totally into their characters. I hate really bad superhero vids, but your is the BEST I have ever seen! I am a huge fan of the original 1960s Batman series and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Your attention to detail is incredible. I LOVE the ultra shimmery black tights they wore too.

Out of all the traps, my favorite is "Ogirl follows a clue and drops in at the Lust Factory. A Kinky conclave located in capital's city abandon loft district. Devon Lust the store's propertier gives Ogirl her very personal attention. I love the begging, crying, pleading, and squirming to escape to no avail. This is the sexiest, most erotic trap. I LOVED this one the best! And those real looking prop are amazing! I have never seen such great detail and effort ever go into a vid like this? OUTSTANDING!"

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"Hi Jim,

I purchased the O Girl dvd and have to tell you that I
enjoyed it very much. Very well choreographed fights,
great dialogue and lots of nice peril scenes."


Hey Jim,

"I don't know if you remember, but I must have written you five or six time asking when is the new O-Girl coming out. I AM SO SORRY. Everything about this DVD is incredible, I don't know where to start. The sets and props are amazing. I don't know how long it took to build some of that stuff but they all looked great. Ms. Lust's machine OMG! How cool was that!?! And the sound effects, the sound track overall is excellent. I think the pendulum scene was my favorite. My God it looked so real, and the sound of it going back & forth, and the shadow of the gears on the wall. I wanted to jump in my TV and save her myself, Oh and the sawmill. I could go on & on.

But lets talk about the actors. First Christina was born to play this part. She has that comic-book Heroine figure & she's a great actress. The look of terror on her face when the pendulum drops down is priceless. Diana always plays a villain and we love her. Everyone did a great job! Sasha, I think O-Girl owes her a little more payback. Jewel, how cute is she!?! Oh, the fight scenes looked great. That's what fans want to see. Fights shot like that, O-Girl pulling out ridiculously large items out of her belt, and great lines like. "I'm sure it's fabulous, but It's a little big for my apartment."

Jim you have set the bar pretty high. Which brings me to that last two things I wanted to say. One. Could you please release the other O-Girl shorts on DVD. This stuff should be viewed on a big screen TV, and Two, when are you going to start the next installment? You have to make more.

I'm sure I forgot to mention something, but if I wrote about everything I liked about this video I would be here all night. Just a great job by everyone involved. Thanks so much for making it."


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