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Starring Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Mary Jane, Sasha Monet,
Karina, Darling and Jewel Evans
Approximate running time : 1 Hour 15 Mins - plus two 10 min O-girl films, "The Case of the Panther Rose and "It Takes Two to Tangle"!

DVD Disc: $35.95
NTSC (All Regions)

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Investigating the theft of a priceless Statue from the Capital City Museum, O-girl (Christina Carter) finds herself hot on the trail of the imfamous Lady Felina Minx (Diana Knight) and her band of devious kitty cohorts.

O-girl soon discovers that LadyFelina has her claws set on a powerful love-potion formula developed by a beautiful cosmetics designer.

Will O-girl escape Felina'sdevilish death-traps and rescue the imprisioned chemist before it'stoo late?

Find out in this sexy, exciting,action-packed superheroine adventure!

The vid caps below are taken directly from the video tape.

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