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Starring Karina and Janay
approximate running time : 90 Mins!
DVD Disc: $29.95
NTSC (All Regions)

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The Coffee Club Trailer!
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Karina and Janay are at it again - indulging in their favorite past time: Sitting and drinking coffee. When the conversation turns to sex, Janay has a little secret that she wants to share with Karina - her new discovery: Bondage. Karina is a little shocked, but not as much as she is when Janay throws her down on the couch and ties her hands.

That is only the beginning - soon Janay returns dressed to the nines and ready for action - what ensues is a bondage fest - with Karina the lucky "victim". Lots of girl / girl bondage action - just the type of thing that you have come to expect... Karina does eventually get her chance to turn the tables on her java mate - and makes sure that Janay gets another solid lesson in tight ropes and sexual excitement...

The vid caps below are taken directly from the video tape.

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