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Starring Andrea Neal, Nicole Sheridan, Karina and Cleo Nicole
approximate running time : 40 mins
DVD Disc: $29.95
NTSC (All Regions)

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The Adventures of O-girl Trailer!
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O-girl (Andrea Neal) matches wits with the evil Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) who plans to rule the world with the Fetish of Sultar - a rare artifact that she uses to put people under her hypnotic spell. Supported by the equally evil Trance (Karina), Hypnotika soon has O-girl right where she wants her - struggling for her very survival. Cleo Nicole rounds out the cast.

This video was made in the classic 60's superheroine style with full soundtrack (by Insomniac Rhythmz & Designs) and features truly outstanding performances. If you love superheroines, you will certainly love this... :)

The vid caps below are taken directly from the video tape.

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