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Ashley Lane - First Taste

The very lovely Ashley Lane came by for the first time last week and she made quite a splash. She is another of those girls that likes to get dressed in tight, sexy clothes and just really LOVES to be tied up. The tighter the better. Long legs, cute feet and a great personality. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this girl. I learned some other things about her too. She screams when she comes. I'm not talking about making noise, I'm talking about full on screaming. I'm not sure it would have been a good idea to shoot her at my old studio. I have a feeling that the cops would have shown up at my door... I'm just warning you for when you watch the video this weekend. Make sure the volume is a little lower than normal... ;)

Enjoy folks... :)

Darling - So You Say You're Flexible...

Just a super stringent and awesome set of Darling that I did back in 2004. It was reposted by special request (is there any other type?). Incredible tight and crazy difficult tie that only Darling can pull off. Tying the toes into it made it hard enough, but once her head harness ball gag was tied back to her crotch rope... well let's just say it was... very strict.

Mary Jane - Oh, So Tight

When Mary Jane comes by there are a couple things that are always true... We're in for a leggy good time and the ropes are going to be extra tight. I can't help but weld this lovely ladie's elbows together at every opportunity... and in this set, I certainly did that. After just a short time, I yanked up her elbows to make it even more stringent. Just a helpless, struggling girl in a sexy outfit. Such a good time... :)

Fllow along with all the action in a very sexy 13 minute video clip!

Karina - Stringent Splits

Sometimes when I am really, really lucky - I do a set of pictures that really rocks. This was certainly the case here. It doesn't really happen all that often - it requires that a number of factors come together - and it also requires that the girl who is being shot is willing (or in this wanting) to do something really outrageous.

I came up with this idea while Karina and I were sitting around trying to figure out what to do next. Karina is the official "Ballerina" girl - and I've done quite a few sets of her where one of her feet is pulled up way over her head. But this scene went a little further than that. I don't think I need to explain that this is difficult. That would be a *serious* understatement. You can see just how difficult this is just by looking at the slowly changing expression on Karina's face.

An Awesome set by anyone imagination... Oh my.

Kobe Lee - Helpless Pleasure

The setup: Find a girl that has fantasized about being tied up her whole life (that would be Kobe). Doll her up in a crazy sexy outfit - because as much as she loves being tied up, she loves to be tied up in something sexy even more.

Next tie her up so that she can struggle but she can't get free. Add a vibrator and then place it in just the right place, with just the right tension, and then anchor it down between two knots in a wonderfully tight crotch rope. Just to add that extra bit of frustration, tie Kobe's hands so she can touch the head of the vibrator, but she can't move it at all. Give her a little time to test her bonds. It will let her struggle and in doing so, it will add more and more excitement because she knows what is going to happen. Finally, attach the vibrator to a timer that turns it off and on over the course of say thirty minutes, sit back and watch the fun.

Kobe said this scene was in her words a total "Mind fuck". At the end she was a sweaty, spent, very happy mess. Another great scene that is sure to please. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Fllow along with all the action in a very sexy 33 minute video clip!

Darla Crane - X3

There is nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia - especially when it is Darla Crane that you are talking about. Three great sets that show off a girl that can just DO bondage. One of the most flexible girls I've ever worked with and one that really loves all things fetish... enjoy!

Angela Sommers - Seeing Red

Certain events in life sort of stick out - red stockings bring me back to my first ever professional bondage shoot. Cory and I were shooting Summer Knight and after the first set, Cory turned to me and said, "She's all yours, Captain". I wasn't expecting to tie anyone up that night - but to this day, i still remember that quite clearly. It took me ages to do the bondage - and it was pedestrian at best, but it was the start. The outfit wasn't exactly like this, but close enough. I think my bondage is a little better here (I think I have had to gain a little experience in the 18 years I've been doing this).

And I'm still learning. I started this scene with way too much rope on the elbows. It was just over kill, so I changed it up. It was still just as crazy tight, but cleaner. I'm not sure why I don't shoot red lingerie very often - it certainly looks killer on Ms. Sommers here... oh my. But then again, what doesn't look good on this girl?

I hope you enjoy the pics (and the video posting shortly)... I think Angela had fun... :)

Included with this update: A very sexy 15 minute video clip!

Ginger Savage - Squeeze Play

For those that have slightly different tastes - I have the lovely Ginger Savage - squeezed into a corset that she is literally busting out of... Amazing what happens when you are so well endowed and your elbows are tied behind your back :)

I tied this in such a way so that poor Miss Savage couldn't get away but she could last for a long, long time. It's best to slow simmer a bondage treat like this - give her a good long time to struggle before you get down to the main course... a bunch of very sexy orgasms... yummy.

Included with this update: a sexy, tight 6 minute video clip!

Candle - Gold Standard

Whenever Candle comes by for a day of bondage, it is always an interesting time. Some girls like bondage, but they aren't really able (or willing) to deal with it when it gets really tough. Candle is not one of those girls. She is one of those rare breed of gals that really loves to be challenged -and when I say challenged, I mean really challenged. She is one of those people that I have to rein in a bit because sometimes she pushes herself a bit too far - but that isn't exactly a bad thing.

This particular bondage was originally going to involve larger flat chain, but when I couldn't find a particularly long piece I needed (it's buried somewhere), so I decided to go in a more delicate direction. Don't get me wrong. I don't be delicate as in flimsy or easy; I'm talking more delicate aesthetically. Looking at the results, I am really glad I made that choice. Also, while I'm patting myself on the back for being so smart, I have to add that this bondage was really quite cool. It's very minimalist, but incredibly effective. Her arms are held in a near reverse prayer by a single length of chain, locked in a couple of strategic places. The result is a clean and very stringent bondage position, while remaining completely inescapable. There is one thing about chain, okay, maybe two... you can't untie it, and it doesn't stretch (at all). That is what can make it so difficult. Struggling can get pretty painful if you really go at it (like Candle always seems to do).

I hope you enjoy the pics... the video is quite good too. As difficult as it got for Candle during the photo stage, it got even harder when we shot the video. I ended up cutting off about 10 centimeters off the hogtie chain which made for some seriously stringent action... Oh my.

Included with this update: A tight 16 minute video clip!

Sadie Belle - A Little Ballet Lesson

A couple weeks before we did the second Perfect Trap video, I paid a visit to Sadie's place and had a lovely afternoon of bondage fun with her. I put her in this outfit and well - now you see where the inspiration came for that last scene in the Perfect Trap 2... :)

I'm not sure what it is about Sadie that ends up getting her tied up in such tight bondages. Maybe it is because she just can handle them... hmmm.... or the fact that she struggles just so well... not really sure, but I guess I am guilty of taking advantage of her abilities... :)

Sara Liz - Escape Proof

I'm sure that at least some of you that see this title and look at the pictures will think, "That is a ridiculous title, her hands are tied in front of her". And while you would be correct about the hands tied in front of her part, you would be completely wrong thinking this wasn't an effective tie. On the contrary, Sara can struggle all she wants (and she did believe me), but she isn't going to be able to get out of those ropes. It's deceptively ingenious. She can't reach anything and the knot that she can see, she can't reach. As soon as she pulls her arms in one direction, the knot moves with her (pulling her crotchrope tighter, btw). I guess the fact that I tied this with the idea of a straitjacket in mind, does kind of add to the inescapability aspect of it...

Once her legs were tied into the mix, she was completely unable to move. She commented that she couldn't do anything - a sentiment that was proven in the video when she got tickled (always the truest test of just how helpless someone is). A very sexy set of a very sexy girl that loves getting tied up... I hope you enjoy it...

This set includes both a sexy bondage set and an equally sexy full set of cheesecake for dessert

Included with this update: A very sext 16 minute struggle filled video clip!

Emily Addison - Purple Redux

A tie like this is a double edged sword - It is a tie that I came up with during a shoot with Randy Moore last summer - and I really do love it, but because it is so destinctive, I'm torn as to whether I can get away with using it that much. It's funny because I can do a simple classic tie over and over and I don't get same feeling. Maybe I should just stop over analyzing things and just do what I always say and just "do what I want to do"...

I'm interested to hear your comments about that...

What I do know is that this tie is very difficult - much more difficult than it looks. Having her hands pulled across her body is hard enough, but when the elbows are tied, it just takes this to a whole new level. Awesome, sexy bondage of a very, very sexy girl.

Included with this update: a very sexy 16 minute video clip!

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Jessica Ryan - Purple Straits

I want everyone to welcome the lovely Jessica Ryan to the cafe. Jess came by this past week for a nice afternoon and evening of bondage fun. In this particular scene I decided I wanted to tie her in a position where she couldn't move all that much, but could struggle in place and stay tied up a good long time. I paired her with a purple straitjacket because of her fabulous red hair (always a good combination). I had a choice with her hands; If they were tied behind her, it could be a problem with her lying on them, and with them in front, I could watch her try to pull them free.

Things heated up once I added a vibrator. She had had folks tie vibrator to her in the past, but quite a few of them weren't able to get it to stay in the right place... that certainly wasn't a problem here. By the end of it all, she was telling me that I was very, very "mean". I guess that is an indication that I did my job :)

Included with this update: Jessica comes over and over in a very sexy 25 minute video clip!

Emily Marilyn - Elbows In

Emily Marilyn is one of those girls that really does love the feeling of her elbows touching behind her back, and I, being such a giving guy, am always willing to oblige. You add those two things together and you get another tight, tight bondage that is sure to please not only Emily, but everyone else looking on as well... sexy stuff.

Included with this update: a classic, tight 19 minute video clip!

Kendra James - Blue Meanie

I'm not so sure Kendra was all that pleased with my ledermeister plan. She really does enjoy being tied up, but she doesn't like having her elbows together at all. Yep, she can do it - and has done it many times, but it is really hard on her... Which I think you can tell from the pics and definitely the accompanying video... She can't escape, everything is crazy tight and she can't speak or hear all that well... in other words, it's stringent. I hope you enjoy it. She really went through the ringer for you... :)

Included with this update: A very tight 12 minute video clip!

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Randy Moore - Oh God, it's Tight!

I didn't shoot in this area of my studio very often. By that I mean, up against the wall. I normally shot further out, which allows for better lighting - but I wanted to use the wall rings and I had a pretty good idea as to what I wanted to do... a nice standing spreadeagle... one that just gets harder and harder...

This is one of those sets that became an instant classic - mainly because of just how hard it was. A winch was a attached to her crotchrope and pulled her way out from the wall - later in the video nipple clamps were added and the whole thing just got out of control... great stuff.

Included with this update: a very, very tight and stringent 11 minute video clip!

Christina Carter - O-Spread

Here is something that I haven't done in awhile. A nice rope spreadeagle. I had Christina don her famous O-girl costume and went to work. I probably didn't need it to be quite as complicated as it turned out, but there ya go. That is what happens when you fly by the seat of your pants all the time. It was fun to watch Christina move, each of her struggles pulling another part of her body as she tested her bonds. It was useless. Poor O-girl was helpless again... what was to be her fate? What indeed...

Included with this update - a nice helping of cheesecake and bondage that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Included with this update: A very helpless and orgasmic 21 minute video clip!

Christina Carter - Just Yummy

Some gorgeous pictures of Christina Carter in and out of bondage. First a very sexy cheesecake set and then Christina gets helpless with an intricite box tie with nipple clamps that brought out the best of Christina's helpless damsel in distress style. Sexy stuff indeed.

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Karlie Montana - Escape Artist (in Training)

I haven't worked with Karlie all that much. This was only our second shoot - so I don't really know what makes this beautifully kinky redhead tick. I know she loves to dress up in sexy outfits (most girls do) - and this outfit was no exception. She particularly loved the slippery feeling of the stockings over her pantyhose... and I also know that she loves being tied up...

What I learned was now much she likes trying to get out of bondage. Well, maybe I should put that another way. She learned she really loves to try to get out of bondage. At the end of this set, after I had untied her toes (check out the video), she was able to pull her feet free from the ropes. She was seriously just giddy. Maybe next time we'll have to see what this escape artist (in training) can accomplish. Somehow I have the feeling she might have to put some practice in... Awesome stuff. :)

Included with this update: Karlie struggles her way into our hearts in a 19 minute video clip!

Ashley Graham - Purple Patience

Ashely needs to learn patience Mainly because she isn't going to be getting untied anytime soon. Her only chance at freedom is to get you to untie her - because she isn't going to get untied by herself. Her wrists are tightly integrated into her crotchrope, which not only makes it that much harder to get free, but also gives her instant feedback every time she struggles.

Maybe that is why she seems to be struggling so much. Of course it could be that she loves the attention that the struggling gets her. She figured that during her first bondage experience. Maybe that is why she enjoys being tied up so much. Either that, or she just loves the feeling of helplessness... and she certainly is helpless. Gagged with a large rubber ball, pulled deeply into her mouth by the leather facing - she can only manage to mmpph quietly... and move ever so seductively... and that is what makes bondage so fun.

Included with this update: a A very tight 10 minute video clip!

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The Revenge of U-89 - Chapter Three Video Clip

U-89 (Sara Liz) doesn't let up in her punishment of Zena (Kendra James). She zips her into a tight singleglove and leaves her to contemplate her fate. Follow along with all the action in a 11 minute video clip
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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The Revenge of U-89 - Chapter Two Video Clip

U-89 (Sara Liz) continues to punish Zena (Kendra James) for her indescretions. She laces her into a tight and revealing corset and then whips her. Follow along with all the action in a 8 minute video clip
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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The Revenge of U-89 - Chapter One Video Clip

U-89 (Sara Liz) exacts her revenge on the traitorous Zena by tying her in a tight pole tie. Follow along with all the action in a 12 minute video clip
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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An intimate interview with Angela Sommers

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 34 minute interview

Serene - Helpless Orgasms

Serene Isley gets the Gwen Hood, Singleglove, Catsuit, Straps and Vibrator treatment, and struggles and moans into everyone's hearts in a very sexy 21 minute video clip
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 27, 28 & 29

O-girl and Nylonika are near death in Lady Lovelace's shiversand vat, O-girl is able to reach her utility belt and free herself. In a monumental effort, she is able to turn off the mechanism and free Nylonika. Later, Chastity Lansdale is lounging in her office when she sees O-girl and Nylonika arrive on her security camera. She hastily calls Lady Lovelace and then decides she is going to take care of them herself.

She opens the drawer and pulls out the compact of Cripple-rific powder. She then ambushes O-girl and Nylonika, blowing the powder into their faces. The dynamic daredolls fall back, writhing in agony. They are completely helpless.

They awaken to find themselves being strapped into tight leather singlegloves. Chastity reveals that she is behind all the mayhem and explains that Lady Lovelace is on her way over to take care of them once and for all. Can they possibly escape?

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An intimate interview with Randy Moore

Jim finds out what makes this kinky girl tick in a very cool 17 minute interview

Diana Knight and Emily Addison - Road Trip

Diana Knight takes Emily Addison on a road trip in her limo... where are they going? Who cares? The trip is where it is at right here... sexy girls having fun with bondage. Just what the doctor ordered. Yummy.

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 25
"Down to the Wire"

The Obsession story continues - O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James) are able to save Apparel Obsessia Girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) from Lady Lovelace's (Diana Knight) spiked wall of death, but are then trapped in tangle wire by Holly (Randy Moore). Lady Lovelace tells the pair that she has something at her warehouse that they are both going to find absolutely sensational!

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 26
"A Case of the Shivers"

... And so Lady Lovelace places O-girl and Nylonika in a huge vat of Shiver-Sand. She explains that when the machine is turned on, it vibrates the sand which not only causes it to turn into a quicksand like substance, but it also vibrates against their skin... exciting their nerve endings in the process. The result is after they sink past their crotches, they are launched into uncontrollable fits of orgasmic bliss.

The only problem is that once the machine fully charges that their bliss will turn into mental breakdown, as their nervous systems overload. Oh cruel fate! Can they possibly escape?

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 6 - Oram Exam

Now it is Randy Moore's turn to squirm. Angela Sommers ties her up and then attaches a nice big pink strap on that she orders Randy to service as she torments her with a vibrator attached to a speed controller. If Randy performs well, she gets a reward. Although after she comes a few times and gets really sensitive, the idea of turning that vibrator to full power isn't such a reward anymore... Sexy stuff.

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Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 7 - Full Circle

In the final episode of the Curious Obsession 2 story, Angela Sommers straps Randy Moore to her self bondage table, but takes the remote, ensuring that Randy enjoys... errr... endures the powerful vibrator for a good, good, good... long time. How long? Well, I bet that Randy is wondering that right now too...

The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Chapter 1

Angela Sommers stars as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in a brand new photo story, "The Perils of Batgirl, a fetish porn parody". Barbara comes home to find out that the Gotham Herald has just named Batgirl the "Sexiest woman in Gotham City". Catwoman (played by the very sexy Candle) isn't pleased with the news. She informs Commissioner Gordon that Batgirl won't live long enough to enjoy her award and offers him a riddle.

Commissioner Gordon calls Batgirl on the Batphone and gives her the news. Barbara figures out the riddle and makes her startling change into Batgirl!

Batgirl follows the clues to the Mesmerian Culteral Exchange Center where a collection of Cat's Heart Opals are being displayed. Unfortunately, she finds that she is too late. The opals are gone. Worse still, Catwoman and even more importantly her goons are lying in wait for her and before she can react, she is grabbed and then tied in Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers. A nasty invention that slowly contract when placed in contact with the heat of the human body. Can Batgirl possibly escape?!

Note: You can purchase the 25 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


The Perils of Batgirl I - A Fetish Porn Parody
Part 2

As we last left Batgirl (played by the fetching Angela Sommers), she was struggling to survive Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers which slowly tighten when exposed to heat. Batgirl manages to save herself by tripping the fire alarm, which releases freezing fog.

Back at her lair, Catwoman (Played by Candle) is relishing her victory, only it is short lived. Batgirl arrives, this time not expected. Catwoman sics her goons (Anders and Wolf Hudson) on her, but Batgirl is able to thrash them during the ensuing fight. She walks over the unconscious henchmen to take Catwoman to jail.

Catwoman however has other plans and scratches Batgirl with her paralyzing dust. Disabling her.

Batgirl awakens to find herself at the wrong end of a long conveyor belt with a nasty (and quite sharp) saw blade at the other end. Catwoman flicks the switch and walks away. Leaving Batgirl to be slowly pulled towards the spinning blade. Will she be cut in two?!!

Note: You can purchase the 17 minute video clip of this set in our clipstore! Click below for details:


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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 24

The Obsession story continues - With Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe's kidnapping heavy on their minds, O-girl and Nylonika get little sleep, but as morning comes, they are no nearer to figuring out her whereabouts or what Lady Lovelace has planned for her. Just as they are formulating a plan, O-girl gets a call on the O-phone. But it isn't the Commissioner. It's Lady Lovelace and she has sent O-girl a weblink. Opening it, O-girl sees Kelly, strapped to a wall, with another slowly drawing near her...

Lady Lovelace tells O-girl where she can be found and then hangs up. It's obviously a trap, but one that O-girl and Nylonika cannot resist. Kelly's life is in the balance. The only question: Can they reach her in time?

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of Curious Obsession 2 - Angela Sommer awakens to find Randy gone. She slips downstairs and finds a note explaing that Randy has been called away to work, but to make herself at home. Angela does so, checking in the closet for an outfit to wear, she finds instead a closet full of fetish wear. She decides if Randy is going to be at work that she should have a little fun. She puts on the outfit only to be lured into Randy's playroom by a phone call. Randy has laid a trap and Angela finds out too late. Unable to resist the lure of Randy's self bondage table, she lays down and straps herself in - and then becomes trapped when the wrists and ankles tighten down.

Then after the vibrator automatically locks in place, she is in for an even more crazy ride. Eventually Randy does return, but only to gag the helpless Angela and turn the vibrator up to full power. It seems that Angela is going to ride the bondage table for quite awhile longer.

Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 2

The sexy Curious Obsession 2 story continues - Randy Moore decides to invite her friend Angela Sommers over to introduce her to her Kinky world of bondage. Randy seduces Angela by first giving her a gnetle foot rub. Things really start getting hot as Randy starts to suck and lick Angela's soft stocking feet. She then blindfolds her, ties her hands and then brings her to orgasm... After Angela comes down from her orgasmic high, Randy invites her to stay the weekend. Angela can hardly refuse...

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 3b

Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) shows co-ed Holly (Randy Moore) a seriously good time in a "backstory" episode of the epic O-girl Obsesssion story. Lady Lovelace has Holly meet her down in the dungeon - First she vibes her before having her don a new uniform. She then shows Holly her new invention. Sheer-Tex stockings. Holly asks to try them on and Lady Lovelace obliges, but in a way that Holly least expects. She ties her up with them. At first Holly enjoys the experience - especially when Lady Lovelace brings her to multi-orgasmic bliss... - but soon after coming down from her high, Holly realizes something is wrong. Lady Lovelace explains that her sheer-tex stockings are her latest evil invention that contract when they come in contact with body heat. Lady Lovelace needed to test them out and Holly was the perfect ghinea pig... Can she survive the stockings deadly embrace?

The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 23

Having pulled abducted Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) from the torturous deny-her table, wicked co-ed Holly (played by the super sexy Randy Moore) delights in play with her helpless pet. Kelly struggles in a tight, stretchy singleglove and is forced to suck Holly's stocking feet. Then as a reward, Holly vibrates Kelly to orgasm, then masterbates while watching Kelly struggle at her feet. A very sexy girl / girl set that is sure to please... Very sexy.

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Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 2 - Cat's Cradle

Randy continues her duel role as O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena. Having traps her in a net, Sirena ties O-girl in a special bondage called a Cat's Cradle - a nasty torturous bondage that tightens the more O-girl struggles. Sirena borrows her costume, turns on a powerful vibrator and then leaves the real O-girl to perish... can O-girl survive possibly survive?

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 22

Things heat up in a brand new O-girl and Nylonika "Obsession" episode! Deep in Lady Lovelace's (Diana Knight) dungeon, Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) has endured hours of torture on the Deny-Her table. Now she is almost completely broken. Strapped, helpless and helpless and unable to come, her valiant struggles become weaker and weaker. Meanwhile, far above the dungeons, Lady Lovelace lounges in her boudoir, watching Kelly's every move via a high-resolution TV monitor. She plays with herself until she is interrupted by a phone call instructing her that fetish heiress Chastity Lansdale has arrived. Lady Lovelace instructs her girls to send her up and to turn off the Deny-Her computer stopping Kelly from reaching orgasm.

Chastity Lansdale inform Lady Lovelace that O-girl and Nylonika have survived the struggle sand, and are very much, "undead". Lady Lovelace doesn't take the news well, but calms down, explaining that they still have an "Ace in the hole - or maybe the dungeon". All they need to do is to use Kelly as bait to lure O-girl and Nylonika into a trap.

Chastity seems to like this idea and snuggles up with Lady Lovelace to enjoy the site of the helpless Kelly, who now, with the Deny-Her computer off, has no choice but to come over and over...

(NOTE: Emily's scene at the end of this video is really legendary. It's one of those scenes that you just can't reproduce. Awesome, honest and crazy orgasmic.)

Included with this update: An awesome 12 minute clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 2

Having put Nylonika under her hypnotic spell, Chastity takes the opportunity to play with her mindless prey, first by watching her struggle in imaginary ropes and then by having her worship her sexy feet. Then she tells Nylonika that she is burning up with sexual desire. Nyloniika masterbates and then finally grabs a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm over and over. O-girl arrives to break up the fun, but soon finds that Nylonika is not herself. Chastity orders Nylonika to attack O-girl, which she does with glee. After a catfight, Chastity tosses her some rope and Nylonika ties O-girl up. With Nylonika completely entranced and O-girl helpless, what diabolical fate awaits our two super sexy heroines?

Nylonika awakens to find herself tied to O-girl with vibrators tied tightly between both of their legs.. very sexy orgasmic action!

Randy Moore - The Adventures of O-girl
Double Cross - Chapter 1

With the magic of movie making, Randy Moore plays both O-girl and her evil twin sister Serena in a fabulous new adventure. In Chapter one, Serena captures O-girl in a tangle net that traps and then slowly tightens around her body...

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Command and Control - Chapter 1

Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) has been kidnapped by Lady Lovelance. Tied tightly in a purple straitjacket and black rope, she struggle in vain to free herself. Luckly for her, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives to save her in the nick of time. Unfortunately for Nylonika, it is all a ruse, and after she contacts O-girl to explain the situation, she finds Chastity across the room. Before she can react, Chastity throws a switch, powering up the spinning hypnotizing wheel. Nylonika is stunned into a trance. What evil plans does Chastity have planned for her?

The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 3a

Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) needs to test out her latest trap - and Holly (Randy Moore) one of her kiny coed cohorts is brought in as the perfect (and quite shapely) ghinea pig. Lady Lovelace softens her up by giving her a little spanking and a nice orgasm, and then send her unsuspecting minion into the quicksand. She lets her sink to her nose before finally pulling her out... test complete...

The Adventures of O-girl - Struggle Sand

Lady Felina lures O-girl to a studio and into a tiki inspired quicksand trap - actually it's filled with "Struggle Sand", Lady Felina's fiendish synthetic quicksand, which O-girl soon finds completely inescapable... can she survive?

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika - Obsession 20 & 21

With O-girl and Nylonika still struggling in deadly tangle knot bondage, coed Holly (Randy Moore) takes Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) down to the dungeons deep under the manor to an audience with Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight).

Lady Lovelace plays with Kelly and finds that she is far too eager and instructs Holly to dress her as Sweet Gwendoline and strap her to the Deny-Her table - a fiendish computer controlled vibrator that brings Kelly at the brink of orgasm, but that will never let her come. Over and over she is brought to the edge of release, only to have it taken away...

One of those scenes that really has to be seen to be believed... awesome stuff.

Follow along with all the action in a super fab 16 minute video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Razor Sharp Bait

Amazing eh? Two different O-girl things in one week? It is crazy time? Well, I guess so. This one is more traditionally O-girl. Lady Felina, always played so fetchingly by Diana Knight (damned, we missed her character) is back and just as deliciously evil as ever. Nylonika (Kendra James) traces Lady Felina to her hideout, but *GASP!* it's a trap. Lady Felina gets the upper hand by throwing Shriv-tex at her. Nylonika is captured and then tied down under a razor sharp pendulum in order to lure O-girl to the site... Oh horror! Will O-girl save her in time?!!!

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 18-19

Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly (played fetchingly by Emily Addison) finds herself back at the manor house, Lady Lovelace's lair. Left in the capable and quite deviant hands of curvaceous coed Holly (Randy Moore), Kelly struggles, but there is no escaping Holly's soft embrace, or the powerful vibrator shoved between her legs.

Included with this update - The O-girl & Nylonika saga continues in a very sexy 12 minute video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Meanwhile, O-girl and Nylonika try desperately to escape from Lady Lovelace's fiendish Tangle Knot bondage... can they possibly survive?

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 14-17

O-girl and Nylonika escape from the deadly quicksand with the use of O-girl's electromagnet - and then jump in the shower to clean up...

Included with this update - The O-girl & Nylonika saga continues in a very sexy 26 minute video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Meanwhile, Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly, tucked away in the safety of a police safehouse, decides to play a little self bondage game involving a bit of masterbation - only to find out that no place is safe from Lady Lovelace, who arrives with her girls to take care of her. Lady Lovelace has a change of heart and decides to take Kelly back to the manor to play with her, but before she can whisk away her captive, O-girl and Nylonika arrive to spoil her plans. Unfortunately for our shapely superheroines, Lady Lovelace's coeds ambush them.

Lady Lovelace decides to tie O-girl and Nylonika in her deadly tangle knot bondage - which shrinks whenever O-girl and Nylonika move. To make sure that they keep moving, she made sure to insert powerful vibrators before tying them up. Oh horror, can O-girl and Nylonika possibly escape?
Included with this update - The O-girl & Nylonika saga continues in a very sexy 12 minute video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Kendra James & Randy Moore

A fab two girl cheesecake set is an extra special treat this week. Kendra and Randy absolutely sizzle. Whether they're dressing each other or caressing, it's all just sexy as hell.

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 6 - Danielle, Your Turn

The conclusion of the Soft Surrender story is finally here - with Emily Addison really turning up the heat on poor, helpless Danielle Trixie. Danielle's earlier domme-ish behavior has backfired. She didn't expect Emily to have such a cunning sense of stringent bondage - evidenced by the severity of her bondage. The weight at the end of Danielle's crotchrope only seems to excite Emily, as she pulls out a vibrator and masturbates to Danielle's struggles and moans... very sexy girl / girl bondage.

Follow along with our lovely bondage babes in this last "Soft Surrender" video segment - 13 minutes of yumm.
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 5 - Danielle, Your Turn

After Emily's last bondage at the hands of Danielle Trixie, she decides it's Danielle Trixie's turn to feel some super tight ropes around her struggling body. More super sexy girl / girl bondage. Yummy.

Also in included with this update - A fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 13

The Tiki Terror

Christina Carter and Kendra James return as O-girl and Nylonika in the next episode of the "Obsession" story. Lauren (Darling) leaves O-girl to slowly strangle in th sheer-tex stockings and joins Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) to help ambush Nylonika at studio A. Nylonika is lured into a trap, but before Lady Lovelace and Lauren can spring it, O-girl shows up to join the party.

Unfortunately, instead of saving Nylnoika from the trap, she finds herself ensnared as well - in a fiendish quicksand like mixture that Lauren created in her geochemistry class. Can O-girl and Nylonika possibly escape?

Follow along with every second of the action in a exciting 13 minute video clip - super rocking!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

You're probably heard about her - if you're a fan of O-girl, then the cafe is the place for you - it's the only place where you can see all of her adventures!

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Soft Surrender - Chapter 3

Danielle continues to introduce poor Emily Addison to the bondage lifestyle, this time strapping her to a slab, turning on a powerful vibrator and letting the sparks fly! Oh my!

Also included with this update - a fab 18 minute video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender
Starring Emily Addison
Chapter 4 - So, So Tight

Emily's bondage lessons at the hands of Danielle Trixie continue - If the other bondage was all about coming over and over, this one is just about how tight the ropes are. And they are tight. Very tight. From her hands to her crotch and everywhere inbetween. Just super bondage at it's best.

Also included with this update - a super fab video clip...
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Homage to the Cat's Whiskers

Emily gets into the O-girl spirit in a really awesome homage to the "Cat's Whiskers" - a Batgirl trap from the 60's Batman show. Unlike the show, this version is really quite inescapable. A truly special set that is sure to please. :)

Soft Seduction, Chapter 2

Danielle Trixie continues to "introduce" Emily Addison to bondage in the new girl/girl bondage series "Soft Seduction". Emily finds out too late that ropes can be very tight and soon she is completely helpless to resist Danielle's increasingly dominant advances...

Also included with this update - a fab video clip!
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD

Soft Surrender - Chapter 1

Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie together for the first time anywhere. They star in a new story called "Soft Surrender", in which Danielle brings Emily over to the studio one night on the prentense of checking on things, but her really motivation is to introduce Emily to bondage. And she does so. A very steamy start to a girl / girl bondage story that just gets steamier and steamier... OOOFA.

Included with this update: a super fab 23 minute video clip that is sure to please.
Presented in both regular resolution and special 1280 x 720 HD


The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Obsession - Chapter 9 through 12

In our next chapter O-girl arrives just in the nick of time to save Nylonika from the dreaded Sensi-suit... and then sends Nylonika to Apparel Obsessia while she checks out the stocking factory.

Lady Lovelace learns that Nylonika has escaped after Chastity calls her in a panic. Lady Lovelace has Chastity set a trap for her by sending her to Studio A. Nylonika calls O-girl and explains what she has uncovered at Apparel Obsessia including that the stocking factory was where one of the dead Apparel Obsessia went the day she died.

O-girl tells Nylonika she will be extra careful, but Lauren is lying in wait for her with a sack made from Sheer-tex, a nasty material that Lady Lovelace created that shrink whenever you move. Within seconds O-girl is trapped and helpless as the sack shrinks around her. Lady Lovelace is informed and tells Lauren to take care of O-girl and meet her at Studio A.

Lauren does as she is told and ties O-girl up with the stockings that were used to strangle Apparel Obsessia girl Deborah Walsh. Lauren explains to O-girl that they are Sheer-tex stockings, a fiendish invention of Lady Lovelaces that contract with they come in contact with the heat of the human body. Then she leaves O-girl to slowly strangle...

Is this the end of O-girl?!!!

And what fates lies in wait for Nylonika at Studio A?!!!

Also included with this update - a super fab 22 minute video clip of chapters 9 - 12!

Besides the great images, you will also find a lovely assortment of high quality video clips, the older clips are presented in 640 x 480 res, and the new clips in both regular res and 1280 x 720 High Definition!

The clips are downloadable so you can enjoy them again and again.

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The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika - Obession - Chapter 8

In the latest installment of the Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika Obsession - Nylonika finds herself in a Sensi-suit, one of Lady Lovelaces most diabolical creations - it stimulates the skin whenever she moves and the longer she wears it, the stronger the sensations will become. Unfortunately the ropes tightly woven around her body will make it quite impossible for her to remove the suit... of course that is the point... can she possibly survive the deadly garment - or is this really the end?!!!

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip so you can follow all the action!

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip - yummy!

The Adventures of O-girl & Nylonika
Chapter 1 and 2

A brand new full length O-girl / Nylonika adventure begins...

Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie), fetish empire heiress, finds out that her expected in heiritance from her late stepfather's estate is not being given to her alone. In fact, she is only getting a third of it. The other beneficiaries? Only O-girl, Nylonika and a bevy of fetish models. She doesn't take this news well and decides to enlist the help of Lady Amanda Lovelace, O-girl's arch enemy.

Danielle sneaks into the Lovelace College for Girls, but is captured in a pervuvian strangle net by some of the students. The net contracts if she struggles - unfortunately no one informed her of that until it was too late. The schoolgirls watch her slowly strangle to death and then decide that she should tell her story to Lady Lovelace... but first... some ropes... lots of ropes...

Included with this update - 2 fabulous HD video clips... super yummy!

Enter Nylonika - Part 1

Hold on to your hats, there's another crimefightress in Capital City. She's called Nylonika and she is on the prowl. This week is the start of her first solo adventure. Lured to the set of a photoshoot by the renowned glamour photographer Glenda Glam, Nylonika is trapped in a prison made just for her... Glenda turns out not to be Glenda, but Angora, Lady Felina's trusted assistant. She's been given specific instructions, but she can't resist to play with her snared superheroine... super sexy stuff starring Kendra James as Nylonika and Darling as Angora/Glenda...

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

Reconnection - Chapter 2

Christina Carter and Randy Moore are back at it in a new chapter of the "Reconnection" story... Randy's introduction into bondage continues... this time she gets the full rope treatment with some very sexy foot fetish - Tight ropes and sexy two girl action... can it get hotter?

Included with this update - a fab HD video clip!

The Ladies Boat Club
That Sinking Feeling - Randy's Beached

In this week's new episode of "The Ladies Boat Club", Mary Jane has tied up Randy Moore on the beach.
Unfortunately, that beach just happens to be located in quicksand cove... oh dear, oh dear...
Can she possibly escape?

The Ladies Boat Club
Bon Voyage

Darby, Mary Jane, Randy Moore & Rachel Paine take a lake boat trip to Danger Reef and
serious sexiness ensues... the first chapter gets off to a very sexy start!

The Ladies Boat Club

Rachel gets the treatment at the hands of Mary Jane and Rachel in the next chapter
of "The Ladies Boat Trip" story... yummy!

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